What are the PMP Eligibility Criteria


If you need to apply for the PMP exam, you have to succeed in three eligibility requirements assigned by PMI. Accordingly, we advise you to go through these requirements heedfully before applying for the exam. These three PMP exam eligibility requirements can be categorised into three sections. These sections are as follows: Education, Project management experience and Project management training.

Education: The first requirement is education. You should clasp either a bachelor’s degree holder or secondary degree holder. The degree or diploma can be in any order.

Project Management experience: The second requirement is project management experience. If you are degree owner you should have at have about three years, and if you are a diploma owner you should have approx five years of experience in main and commanding projects.

Project Management training: This is the third and final requirement. You must deal with 35 contact hours of official project management training. This training can be acquired from one or the other of a PMI Registered Education Provider or non REPs. There is many ways of training accessible from these givers. Some are online and others are through existent classes. Online training programs are found to be much inexpensive than live classes. So, these are the three eligibility requirements that you should attain in sequence to apply for the PMP exam. We have continuously been receiving many queries in reference to the PMP eligibility needs. Although we have cleared it here, a few companies are still inquiring for some questions.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) ® document is Project Management profession’s most worldly identified and esteemed certification. PMP certification cost differs on a diversity of features like place and way of delivery, live Learning and online learning. There are specific questions whose answers are explained in details:

“I’m not a project Manager. Can I apply for the Exam?”

Most experts working in project management do not clasp the project manager title, so they discover themselves puzzled if they can sit for the exam. Please keep in mind that the PMI eligibility requirements note that “you should have gone through in leading and aiming the project.” This means leading and aiming a project as recognised with the jobs, understanding, and expertise particularly in the PMP Examination Content Outline. If you’re not a project manager but are exercising in project management and have involvement as stated above you are eligible to sit for the PMP exam. There are also some questions from people who are not into project management and need to be aware if they can apply for the exam. Project management involvement is a compulsory requirement to apply for the PMP exam. If you did not work in projects, you cannot sit for the exam.

The PMP Certificate is only for IT Professionals

We have also accepted some questions from visitors who were uncertain if this certification can be acquired by someone working outside of the IT sector. They were reasoning that this certification is only for experts working in the IT sector. This is not actually true. The PMP certification requirements are the industry autonomic and the project management rules given in the Guide exercised to all industries. If you are in project management, in spite of everything of the industry, you are eligible to sit for the PMP exam.

The PMP certification is for experts who are working in project management and desire to increase their expertise and order. If you are in project management and want to be outstanding in your career, you should apply for it. But, if you are not mixed up in project management and need this certification, you should initially earn some involvement in project management and then you should apply for it. Learn more by visiting our website.

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