Why You Should Consider HVAC as a Career


Are you looking to get into a career that is always in high demand? If so, HVAC could be the perfect choice of work for you. Every building has a climate control system; whether it’s a basic heating system or state of the art air conditioning. So, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is always going to be a career with opportunities, now even more so than ever. With baby boomers hitting retirement age and education placing intense focus on university career pathways, the skilled trades have been ignored and there’s a shortage of HVAC professionals. In addition to the high demand, here are some of the best reasons to consider pursuing a career in HVAC.

It’s All About Problem Solving:

With the average worker being in the workforce for 45-50 years, the last thing you want is a career where you’re doing the same thing every day and begin to feel like a robot on the job. Being faced with challenges and problems to overcome makes the workplace a more exciting and varied place to be, and solving problems is exactly what HVAC professionals need to do on a day to day basis. Professionals need to be able to look at and diagnose problems, figure out what needs to be done and make the repair. It requires mechanical skills, practical knowledge, and an aptitude for technology.

You’re Out of the Office:

If the idea of spending the rest of your working life cooped up in an office isn’t for you, then a new career in HVAC could be the perfect solution. Working in air conditioning and heater repair means that you’ll be changing the pace every single day, working on different jobs, with different people and often in various areas. You will get to travel around and work with businesses or homeowners, working with different equipment and solving a range of problems. You could be working in rooms, crawl spaces, outside, or in attics and basements – every day will bring something different and there’s always a new challenge to work with.

There’s Lots of Variety:

Service calls mean that you’re not confined to an office, and there are always several different types of work available for HVAC professionals both inside and outside of the city. Whether you’re installing new air conditioning units for a business, repairing heating systems at home, installing or repairing furnaces, variety is a key factor when it comes to the HVAC profession. And, many HVAC technicians also work with humidifiers, radiant heating, and air purification systems. The job is not one that ever feels monotonous or repetitive, and there’s always something new and different to learn if you want to expand your skills.

Plenty of Opportunities:

Alongside the high demand for HVAC professionals, the career is one that comes with plenty of opportunities for growth and development. There are always management opportunities available with HVAC companies that you may want to aim towards if you want to lead a team. Or, if you’d rather be your own boss, an HVAC career is the perfect opportunity for starting your own business providing a service that you know will be in high demand. It’s a safe business idea for anybody who wants to explore entrepreneurship, as you know that it is a trade that is always needed by a wide target audience, including both residential and commercial clients.

It’s a Well-Paying Career:

Today, it’s a myth that you have to go to university to get a career that pays you well. When it comes to the skilled trades, many of them pay even better than you could expect to earn after getting your bachelor’s degree, and the HVAC industry is no different. If you don’t want to study for a degree before entering the world of work but want a generous income for yourself and your family, an HVAC career is the perfect choice. And, as more and more of the younger and rising generations turn to university education, office jobs, and business positions, HVAC professionals will find the market for their services to be in even higher demand, with clients willing to pay more.

You’ll Always Have a Job:

Thanks to the high demand for HVAC services, professionals skilled in this area can look forward to strong job security. It is certainly not a career path where you will need to worry about a lack of work, regardless of whether you are employed by an HVAC company or have started your own business. It’s a profession that’s in high demand all year round, with the changing seasons bringing new jobs and challenges for HVAC professionals – air conditioning units need to be in top shape for the summer, whilst clients will need their heating systems and furnaces serviced and repaired in time for when the colder weather comes around in the winter.

Start As Soon as Possible:

If you’re considering a career in HVAC, then professionals advise you get started as soon as possible. The first and most popular path to becoming a fully qualified HVAC professional is to start off by becoming an apprentice. This will allow you to gain all the required qualifications for the profession, whilst being able to work alongside somebody who’s got years of experience and be able to learn the skills that you need first-hand. If you are willing to learn and have a mechanical aptitude, you may be able to find work as an apprentice with a heating and air conditioning contractor. Most apprentices will start off working as an installer under the supervision of a more experienced colleague, whilst supplementing their on-the-job learning and experience with online or evening classes. Apprenticeships typically last for around four years. On the other hand, those who wish to get qualified sooner can take a full-time training program, usually available at community colleges, which are typically completed in around eighteen months. Online and distance learning programs are also becoming more popular.

If you would like an exciting, hands-on career where no two days are the same, HVAC is a great trade to get into.

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