Looking for a Career in Merchant Services?


The best part about a career in fields that provide backbone services to merchants is the constant demand. No matter what businesses are booming and which ones are seeing a fall in demand, the companies that provide core services like financing, facilities, and merchant solutions for credit card processing always have customers, because these core services are necessary to the basic operation of many businesses with otherwise wildly diverging models and corporate structures. When it comes to credit card processing careers, there are a lot of options out there, and the best way to find the one that fits your goals is to understand what you can do.

Independent Resellers and Referral Agents

Those who work well independently and value their ability to set their own hours and pursue their own goals will find a career in merchant services offers plenty of opportunity to do just that. Major credit card processors, equipment providers, and merchant services companies need outside referrals to bring orders through their doors, and they pay well for the service. Most of the time, the business model in this industry involves working with an independent reseller or referral generation service, and that’s your opportunity. The right reseller program can provide you with the training and orientation resources you need to understand the industry, as well as a commission model that makes lead generation and sales into a lucrative opportunity to build up your own operation. Understanding the difference between referrals and resales is important to choosing the right program for your personality and level of experience, so dig into the details before making your selection.

Opportunities for Employment

Before you become a POS reseller, it’s also worthwhile to ask yourself if you’d prefer to work directly for a payment processor or merchant services provider. While resales can be a great opportunity, it’s not necessarily the best employment structure for everyone. Working within a company as a sales agent following up on referral leads is another option, one that comes with less independence but may come with more direct mentorship and paths to other roles in the business. On top of that, working directly for the company means having opportunities outside of sales, because these service providers also need technicians and other professionals who do the work of running the company and fulfilling the orders that come in.

Finding Right the Path Forward

Independent resellers form the backbone of the merchant services industry, but not everyone finds they do their best work on their own. If you’re not sure which path is the right fit for you, take the time to sign up as an independent reseller and to check out how the program works while you check for internal openings with your favorite companies in the industry. Sometimes, spending a little time in each role can help you figure out the best way forward for your career in the long-term. It’s a good way to learn the entire business, too, and that could help if you’re looking to eventually join a major credit card processor and climb the corporate ladder.

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