Oil, Corn and Wheat: The Widely-Traded Commodities

Among traders, one asset class that has seen volatility through its trading hours is the commodities market. It makes a very profitable portfolio, and provides immense opportunities for lucrative monetary rewards when you trade them with popular brokerages like eToro. The eToro trading app allows its users to invest on various assets including these popular commodities online and even has a copy trading feature where they can follow and execute orders of more experienced users in their social investment network.

What makes this more interesting is that heavily-traded commodities present a venue to make money, especially when there is a lot of movement in prices. And you can be sure that there is always one trader investing in oil, corn or wheat as these are one of the staples where every human subsists on.

Crude Oil

Crude oil is one important asset that is a heavily-traded commodity. Contracts where traders commonly speculate on involve crude oil. Its price is designated in dollars per barrel and can only be traded on certain times: from 4:00 GMT to 20:30 GMT. The most common type offered by most brokers is the Brent crude, characterized as sweet light crude, and is being traded in the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).

In an industry where volatility is a constant attribute, oil prices are determined by supply and demand which presents opportunities to make a handsome profit for commodity traders. A basic understanding of how the petroleum market works is essential, along with factors that affect its price movement such as major decisions by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries  (OPEC), political conflicts in countries that are major producers of oil and the use of technical analysis to accurately predict the price direction it has to take.


Widely-known as maize, corn is a necessary part of our diet and a major staple generally used in the food manufacturing industry. Aside from its role in food consumption, starch produced from maize can be used as a renewable energy that contributes to the green revolution. Its grains and leaves can be harnessed to produce bio fuels. Just like other major commodities, there is an increasing number of brokers that offer corn on their roster of assets and this agricultural type of commodity is quite becoming a favorite of many investors.

The price of corn is set according to both local and global developments in the commodities market. Rapid changes in prices are associated with weather conditions, as well as the demand for it in relation to its importance as a source of bio fuel. Note that price swings are not a usual facet of corn intraday trading.


Wheat is a major ingredient in baked and dried foods. It makes up for a strong demand in the commodities market as it is usually traded in high volumes by food manufacturers. There are different factors that come into play when determining its price, such as the weather conditions of wheat-producing countries, as well as certain legislations governing its market which impacts how it is priced; and should be considered by every investor interested to trade on wheat.


Investing for IRA with Silver and Gold

When stock markets all over the world experience some tough times, investors look for a safety net or safe net investments – and precious metals are an excellent way to go. While palladium, silver, and gold are subject to various forms of volatility, a lot of people believe that these things are superior long-term investment options.

People cannot hold these things in a regular IRA or Individual Retirement Account. But there are specially designed accounts that let people invest for their retirement using silver, palladium, or gold and other valuable metals.

What is precious metal Individual Retirement Accounts?

These things are unique forms of self-directed IRAs. Self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts, allow people to invest in wide varieties of unconventional assets like real estate, art, or precious metals – any assets that are not the usual options in traditional IRAs. According to experts, precious metal accounts are a way for individuals to invest their money in palladium, silver, or gold as part of their retirement plan.

These metals, usually grow in value as time goes by. Adding these things to people’s retirement plans can help them protect their wealth in various ways, like reducing the potential investment risk and volatility, serving as a safety net in events like an economic meltdown, as well as providing tax-efficient shelters for possible gains.

How much of people’s retirement account should include things like gold, silver, or palladium?

If people decide to invest in these IRAs, they need to do so conservatively. Depending on the person’s financial situation, a lot of experts recommend them to invest at least 5% and 10% at most of their retirement funds in these things. According to financial experts, there are reasons for this low figure.

First, a well-designed portfolio is diversified. It means they do not take on unwanted risks by investing strictly in one type of asset or asset. In short, no reputable financial expert would recommend that people should invest 100% of their assets in these metals alone. Second, these things have traditionally held their value in the long run; they usually lag other asset class performance like stocks.

People looking to continue growing their IRAs might shortchange themselves if they own too much gold, silver, or palladium. And finally, individuals need to keep in mind that these safety-net metals may not even be that very safe. While investors crowd to these items when there is trouble, they have been just as unpredictable and volatile as most stocks historically.

And though their prices rise when the market has troubles, they tend to fall once the stock market recovers. In 2020, the price of gold is around where they were in 2010 or 2011 after they spent the past decade at up to at least 40% lower. It may not make the metals quite the stable inflation safety net that most investors are looking for. Investments like Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, or TIPS, as well as high-quality bonds, may be far superior alternatives for individuals looking for inflation and security safety net.

How to make a financial portfolio? Check out to find out more.

With gold, silver, or palladium Individual Retirement Accounts, individuals can invest in these precious metals. With that being said, investors cannot just spend their hard-earned money in just platinum, palladium, silver, or gold. The Internal Revenue Service has specific standards, these things need to meet:

Gold – 99.5% pure

Silver – 99.9% pure

Platinum – 99.95% pure

Palladium – 99.95% pure

Acceptable items that need the IRS criteria include ProduitsArtistiquesMétauxPrécieux Suisse bars, Australian Koala coins, and Canadian Maple Leaf coins. The Internal Revenue Service also allows American eagle bullion coins, despite the fact that these things don’t meet the 99.5% purity gold standard. Individuals can’t currently hold collectible or rare coins, German Marks and British Sovereigns, as well as Swiss Francs in self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts.

Opening this type of IRA

Opening self-directed IRAs and investing in these metals are slightly more complex compared to opening a Roth IRA or conventional IRA. Here is what people will need to do.

Choose a self-directed retirement account custodian

Legal custodians hold self-directed accounts. These people can be banks, trust companies, or other establishments approved by the IRS. A self-directed account custodian can make investors invest in other assets like real estate, art, or precious metals.

Choose a reputable dealer

The next thing investors need to do is to choose a reputable dealer. People will direct the custodian to send money to the dealer to buy palladium, silver, platinum, or gold. Before choosing the best IRA Company and purchasing these things with your hard-earned money, you will want to do some research first. Look for dealers that belong to industry trade groups like ICTA, ANA, or PNG to help with your search. This might be too much but it’s better to make sure that those who you are working with are good and legit.

Decide what to purchase

Individuals will need to work with dealers to choose which products they need to buy. One of the most common choices is the American Eagle Coins issued by the United States mint.

Choose a reputable depository

These things that are invested in self-directed accounts need to be stored in approved depositories. The custodian can recommend repositories, but the owner can choose on their own that meets the IRS’s code requirements. Always remember that people can’t store these metals for their IRA themselves.


What are Income Funds?

As we know, finding the right balance between mutual fund investment and insurance is necessary for a secure financial future. Talking about investment specifically, there are a plethora of options available in the market. One such investment instrument that not many know about is the income funds.

Let us understand what are income funds and the factors you should consider before investing in it:

What are Income Funds?

Popularly known as debt funds, income funds primarily serves the purpose of offering steady income to the investors. Here, you can usually make investments in money market instruments, government bonds, and corporate bonds. In other words, income funds are graded with credit-quality that assures the preservation of capital over time.

In pure investment terms, income funds prioritise your assets with substantial interest rates to generate a high dividend amount. Further, this amount is either invested or distributed among the investors.

Now that you have a brief overview of what income funds are, let us understand the factors you need to consider before investing in it:


Much like any other investment instrument, income funds can be invested for a short, medium or long-term as preferred. When it comes to short-term investment in income funds, the duration can be for a few days. Whereas, moderate to long-term income funds usually have a long investment horizon.

2.Expected Returns

If the investment horizon is more than a year, income funds generally offer higher returns. This is because it clubs the benefits of compound interest. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the expected returns on your income funds to ensure that you are investing in the correct plan.

3.Risk Involved

When it comes to income funds, the risks involved are associated with your holdings. In case you own a greater percentage of equity-oriented components, the risk will be high. But, since income funds invest in stock as well as the bond markets, it protects your investments against market risks.


Staying invested for a long time in income funds will let you obtain high returns. So, it is wise to sell them after the completion of the maturity period. However, the right time to purchase income funds is when the interest rate is low. You can compare a few leading income funds online based on their existing interest rates before investing in it.


When you stay invested in income funds for more than three years, you can avail Long Term Capital Gains Tax (LTCG). It is applicable at the rate of 10 percent without indexation and 20 percent with indexation benefit.

To conclude, income funds can be an ideal choice for investors who are looking for the regular flow of income later in the future (after retirement). If you want to invest in income funds and still unsure of how to do so, seek help from a financial expert who can efficiently evaluate the market scenario and manage your investment portfolio accordingly. Happy investing!


Douglas Newton – Ideal Man Behind Any Investment

Doug directly fills in as the Chief Financial Officer of CC Neuberger Principal Holdings I, CC Capital’s first invariable capital vehicle in association with Neuberger Berman and the Koch Family. Preceding joining CC Capital, he was a Founding Partner of The WindAcre Partnership, LLC, a hypothesis firm that guarantees a concentrated, long stretch course of action of overall open qualities and receives a private worth system to open worth contributing.

Going before that, Doug has additional understanding as a hypothesis capable at Seneca Capital and DLJ Merchant Banking and in adventure banking at Credit-Suisse First Boston and Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette. Doug got an alumni in Economics from Dartmouth College and a M.B.A. from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Prior to his ascent to conspicuousness with the CC Capital, Doug has been an adroit specialist, working with and for some, business outfits. From 2006 to 2012, he filled in as a Senior Investment Analyst for Seneca Capital Investments. His exceptionally regarded commitment to Seneca Capital Investments authenticates his objective driven character. Beside the Seneca Capital Investments, he likewise devoted his aptitude to Credit Suisse First Boston’s Media and Communications Group, working in the limit of an Analyst.

Doug’s commitment to Lufkin and Jenrette and furthermore at Donaldson is incredible. He was likewise an establishing accomplice of the Wind Acre Partnership, LLC, a speculation firm that centers more around mutual funds and values. The Wind Acre Partnership, LLC, possesses an alluring long haul arrangement of worldwide open values.

Mr. Newton’s resoluteness, enduring responsibility, and a feeling of direction consistently sparkle brilliant all through his time in every one of these organizations. His quality to move and spur others has framed a center piece of his business character. His immense experience and a munititions stockpile of business driving aptitudes have consistently charmed him to numerous enormous organizations and earned him incredible reverence from partners.

Douglas newton – best man for investment

Chinh Chu is in like manner right now on the $440 million Collier Creek SPAC, as Vice Chairman. On the off chance that any man can take care of business quickly and productively, he is Mr. Douglas Newton. It will be ideal to hire him now for your investment


Take Expert Consultant For Great Pension Transfer

The pension counselor can help to control benefit levels and speak through which you are most important to keep. If you were transferring your pension less than ten years before retirement, make sure that your new plan grants the same rights as the old one. If you intend to retire early, ask your retirement counselor to certify the importance of your current system and transfer system. This will help you ensure that you get a good income from your retirement.

There are many reasons for choosing to convert a pension scheme, but it can be complicated and less advantageous without a good pension board. Not only can you lose some benefits, but you may also progress more slowly than the original plan.

If you are contemplating transferring the pension, ask the pension consultant to assess the current condition. Once the pension has been moved, it might be helpful to ask for a periodic review, especially when it is approaching retirement age, to be sure which your pension is going for you.

First, cash in UK pension transfer contributes to a company’s current pension plan and moving to another company. While this may seem like a simple task, there are a few, if possible, unplanned falls without research or professional advice.

There are many reasons for the pension transfer. While each situation may be different, the leading causes and concerns are very similar. The three main reasons for pension transfers:

  • Transfer jobs. If a company provides a pension plan to all employees, in most cases, these plans will not be available to the manager and employees to change the company plan that will require new ones.

Great Drawings. Nobody likes to pay fees, especially fees that seem too high compared to other companies. With a large amount of competition, it is advisable to shop and compare all possible expenses which might apply to specific plans for each company. Many companies have similar ideas, but the rates may be very different.

The desire for an improved plan. Many start a pension plan from the start and get a plan that suits your situation at the time. Over time, several changes, both financially also in terms of ultimate goals that need a better idea to meet the needs or needs of the current new vision for the future.

Before choosing the first retirement plan that looks good, it is advisable to consult a professional advisor who will contact the current plan and compare it to the required plan change. The counselor will be able to demonstrate any potential dilemma and tailor the best pension advice to transform your individual needs. Many companies offer free advice about UK pension transfer and even analysis that clearly shows how different plans influence the end result.


Openly invest with OpenInvest

Investments are great when you think you have got everything covered. You bring in an amount fo money and later on you come back with more. Life would be much better if that happens all the time to everyone on earth.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

There are numerous “companies” who will lure you in and say that you can invest through with them but you later realize that they have scammed you. You have no idea where to go now. Where did your hard-earned money end up?

But with OpenInvest, you will not have to worry about misplacing your money. They are the most trusted investment managers Australia. They give you choices on what you would like to do with your money. Nothing is hidden from you. Every step of the way, wherever it goes and whatever happens to your money, you will not be kept in the dark. They have an array of investment managers who experienced, reliable, knowledgeable, and successful.

How does OpenInvest work? Professional investment managers are given, with unlimited access, to self-directed investors. There is also a broad selection of investment managers who are certified reputable holding their model portfolios. No fees upfront and for advisers, and no hidden costs or charges. You will be able to have full control of your money as well as the freedom to access your own personal portfolio 24/7.

What about their investment managers? All the investment managers that OpenInvest offers to you have proven themselves to be experienced and have an extensive record of successful money management. They are a team of accomplished professionals that have dedicated themselves to putting their clients and their interests first and foremost.

Their investment managers include:

  • Clime
  • Schroders
  • Shaw and Partners
  • InvestSense
  • SG Hiscock & Company
  • Macquarie Investment Management

OpenInvest believes in two key points: Transparency and Low Fees. In just three steps you will be able to figure out how much you should be paying per month. First, you must put in the amount that you are willing to invest. Next, choose the company that you would like to be associated with. And finally, you must choose your model portfolio. There will be an automatic calculator and a “monthly fee explained” link. Note that the OpenInvest fee is only free for 12 months.

Open Invest has four promises about their fees:

  1. No hidden fees or charges, ever: no need to worry about doing your business, they will not be charged
  2. You keep your interest – all of it: you get 100% of your savings, they will not get a single penny from you
  3. We pay for brokerage: the statement says it all
  4. Maximum value, always: they put your first, your life is worth the business they are in

OpenInvest is open to everyone who would like to apply. Create an account with them and you will see that life is much better when you invest. Openly invest with OpenInvest.


Why it is Wise to Invest in Rarest Items

Do you know there are very few places that store Argyle’s diamonds with them? It is the fact that only 1% of the extracted diamonds are being sold by the Rio Tinto (Owner of Argyle’s pink diamond mine in Western Australia) out of one million of rough diamonds. And this 1% of pink diamonds are required to undergo a period of two to three weeks’ time in polishing. After making these rough, uncut diamonds into a fancy looking one the company is selling in the exclusive and selective auctions in different parts of the globe. No one can ask for its showcase, as the other diamonds are available in the world.

Argyle mine is sourcing the world’s 90% pink diamonds, and it is for the last 40 years. Soon this mine will be winding over in 2020. After that, the source of these pink diamonds will be so insufficient, that they could not compensate for the demand for them. The demands of Argyle’s pink diamonds are always higher than its supply. Due to its short supply, the price of 1 carat is sky-high. Unfortunately, if the Argyle mine will be closed then it will be untouchable.

Currently, there is no alternative source of pink diamonds found by the geologists. If there will be another pink diamond filled ore found, it would take almost another 10 years (minimum) to prepare it for production. From discovery to production it will take an average of 10 years’ time. That means there are no possibilities of getting pink diamonds unless you collect it now.

The drastic shortage in supply of these pink diamonds and the increasing demand for Argyle’s pink diamonds make it a suitable avenue for the SMSF investors and investments are done after seeing its past performances also. In the last five years, it is found from the statistical data, that the rate of return on Argyle’s pink diamonds has given 45% to 50% returns. According to recent situations, this return could be more than the previous one.

With the closure notice of the Argyle mines, as it is fixed within 2020 to 2021, the diamond collectors have found that there will be an appreciation on the diamond portfolio and it could reach a level of 25% to 30% per annum. The global financial giant PWC has revealed the fact, with their recent survey, investing in Argyle pink diamonds would give a return of more than 450% in the next 10 years. That is the reason why investments on Argyle’s pink diamonds are so worthy.

As the rarity matters, if we consider this from our financial perspective, then the production of pink diamonds was almost 20 million carats, out of which only 1% is the natural pink diamonds available on this earth. Amazingly, these one percent pink diamonds comprise the world’s 95% pink diamond supply. This is the reason why it is wise to invest in Argyle’s rarest pink diamonds.

The Argyle’s pink diamonds are the rarest and lavish gemstone in the earth. If you own one of it then it will be a graceful and sturdy wealth that will last throughout the generations.


Know the Tactics of Your Home Loan Balance Transfer

Considering the escalated demand for affordable housing options, multiple NBFCs offer home loans that come with a hefty credit amount and extended tenor. These advances come with the reassurance of repayment via liquidation of the mortgaged asset in case of defaults. Following this, lenders charge a lower rate of interest that leads to the reduced total cost of the loan.

However, considering that these credits are long term ones, borrowers can always opt for transfers to financial institutions that offer a further reduced interest rate. It ensures further affordability of the advance. However, it is essential that one takes into consideration the multiple aspects of the new lender and ensure that this new financial deal will not add on to their financial burden. In an attempt to ensure this, reputed NBFCs offer home loan transfer calculator that helps one have an estimate of the additional charges, rate of interest and the total cost of credit involved.

Before you transfer your outstanding balance, let’s first understand what balance transfer is.

The balance transfer facility allows you to carry forward your outstanding loan amount to another lender offering credits at a lower-interest rate. Home loan transfer makes your EMIs affordable and reduces the financial burden. Your lender may also give you an option to extend the loan tenor if you have financial stability and a regular source of income.

Some benefits of a home loan transfer are given below. Borrowers can

  • Get to enjoy an advance at a low-interest rate.
  • Avail a top-up loan on your existing home loan.
  • Avail a loan without any pre-payment and foreclosure charges.
  • Make such transfers online.
  • Get to enjoy affordable EMIs.

What are the tactics to avail a home loan balance transfer?

Step 1:

Compare your existing lender with multiple other NBFCs based on the interest rate and additional charges. Ask your preferred lender to provide you with different financial quotations. Also, before you plan for a balance transfer, know the MCLR to calculate the interest rate.

Step 2:

Check whether you can qualify for a balance transfer or a home loan with the eligibility calculator provided by your new lender.

Step 3:

Send a letter to your existing lender stating your will of a balance transfer. After approving your request, the lender will issue a no-objection certificate, property documents, letter of content, foreclosure letter and other essential documents that you have to furnish to your new lender.

Step 4:

Apply for a housing loan with your new lender. To apply, you will have to fill the application form with your personal, financial and employment details. Submit all the necessary papers like your

  • KYC documents – Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license, passport, voter ID, etc.
  • Address proof – water bill, gas bill, telephone bill, electricity bill, etc. ;
  • Income proof – bank account statement, income tax report, and salary slips, profit and loss statements, etc.
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Identity proofs

Along with the mentioned papers, you will also have to provide the ownership document of your property and a no-objection certificate from the builder.

Once the lender verifies all your documents and evaluates your financial condition and balance transfer eligibility, your request will be approved. Your new lender will pay off the outstanding amount of your previous lender and will close the loan. Once the home loan takeover is done, your lender will transfer all the required papers to your new lender, thus completing the process.

Several financial institutions and NBFCs provide such loans with a balance transfer facility. Balance transfer facilities also ease your repayment terms and lower your EMI amount. Before you make a balance transfer make sure you inquire about additional charges such as processing fee, late payment charges, etc. You can use the home loan transfer calculator to estimate your loan amount and interest rate.


Commercial Real Estate Investment

When it comes to investment, it has been said that the most profitable investing mechanism is investing in real estate. It is said that investing in real estate gives you a higher amount of wealth or chances to build wealth, in particular, it provides you chances to build higher income streams as well.

But, as we all know that people have been investing in residential real estate such as Riverfront Residences condo to gain profits and higher wealth trusts but no one is looking for options of investing in commercial estate investment. Hence, these investments give you more income as compared to residential investment.

As in Singapore Condo, people around the world are investing more and more there as it will give them the edge to have profits gained back after some time passes as it is the most prominent investment strategy when it comes to real estate which is to buy and sell out later.

In Singapore condo, there are several commercial real estate options to look for. Such as offices, retails, industrial, multi-family and special purpose condos. But, how can someone invest in such big thing without having prior information about commercial investment strategies? The answer is what you can find here.


The answer is simple yet complicated in many manners, which is due diligence. It does not matter what profession you have, all you have to do is proper homework before investing in commercial real estate so that it will not be an outcome of devastation but comes to you like happiness and prosperity. How to do it? Well, here you go!

  1. Commercial Real Estate is Different

Yes, you read that right. As we are talking about Singapore condos, we have to understand that when it comes to commercial investment, it is different from residential investment. As we have compared commercial and residential estates, we should know that the commercial real estate lease lasts longer than the residential lease. But, if you have been investing it in the wrong place, it will last longer than you think.

The most important factor when it comes to commercial estate is the location. You should invest in such a place where it catches the mind and the eye of the audience. Hence if you do not, sorry! You are lost, my friend.

  1. Comparable Analysis

As we are talking about investment, investment is not only about the present. It is also about future therefore, the comparable analysis gives you the edge to know about your future developments regarding commercial real estate investment. It includes the size, style and location characteristics that have to be “changed” in terms of investment strategies as it will not bound the people to have come look in what you have invested.

In terms of Singapore condos, people want to have different changes as they are keen to look stylish, larger in terms of size and have a location that could be helpful for their organization.


Singapore condos are something that has been catching the eye, the mind of the people who want to invest from all around the world. There are several websites that give you information about their recommendations, infrastructure and proper analysis guides that help you in the investment phase of your commercial real estate.


Here is How to Start Investing in Real Estate

If you have been looking to diversify your investments lately, the tried and tested real estate option may just be ideal. With the impending launch of India’s first Real Estate Investment Trust (RIET) and a revival of demand among low and mid-income buyers, the stars seem to be in perfect alignment.

Further, projects like GKRS Palacio spurs the demand for a luxurious lifestyle at not so premium pricing. On the policy level, the introduction of RERA and generous interest rate subsidies, under the aegis of the ambitious Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, are expected to put India on course of making affordable housing for all a reality by 2022.

To get you started in real estate investing, here is a checklist of some key points to consider:

-> Long term perspective

Like the equity market, real estate is also subjected to cycles of growth and decline. It takes its cue from the prevailing economic and political conditions such as inflation, disposable income levels, institutional investment or even regulatory changes. You need a medium to long term investment horizon of a minimum of 5 years to succeed in the real estate market.

-> Research the property

Before you begin searching for your ideal property, you need to develop a keen understanding of market behaviour to identify new market niches where property can be purchased at cheaper rates, such as under construction ones. Follow up on your online research by attending real estate investor forums and property exhibitions to network extensively with both sellers and buyers.

From checking the builder’s history to verifying land title, real estate investing requires a lot of research. You can leverage the data-backed insights provided by several property data analytics firms to determine the future prospects of the property you want to invest in.

Choose accredited developers that hold the latest quality certifications such as ISO 9001. This will put you at ease in terms of construction quality, timely possession and value appreciation.

-> Talk to existing homeowners

There is no substitute to getting first-hand information from existing buyers about a project. Despite the assurances of the developer, you’d need an independent third-party perspective on incidental expenses such as parking and society formation charges, etc.

They can also give you inputs about the number of vacant flats in the project which can help you negotiate the final selling price with the developer.

-> Calculate your finances

Repair and maintenance costs can erode your rental earnings. In the absence of personal funds or business finance, availing a home loan is ideal. RIET’s also offer a good financing alternative for investors.

If a house for sale in Hyderabad has been on your radar for a while and the cost has been a barrier, you can opt for home Loans to meet your diverse home financing requirements. Cities like Hyderabad are poised for a good growth in property prices and you can gain the first mover’s advantage.

You can consider home loan by Bajaj Finserv Homes & Loans to raise funds of up to Rs. 10 crore. It comes with flexible tenor and convenient repay options. Additionally, you can get exclusive benefits, such as property-search assistance, doorstep services, and top-up loans etc, with these home loans.