7 Rules for a Conference Name Badge


You surely have seen various people wearing name badges on their neck around having their organizations as well printed on it, and surely have come across a question in your head that what is the need of name badge.

Most of the time people go to conferences or events only for two reasons one is to learn something, and another is to meet other people. Meeting new people can be difficult for most of the people, and it could be easily resolved with the help of name badges. How will you feel if you have gone to a conference and don’t know anybody in the conference hall? It is an awkward situation which surely no one wants to face.

Name badges along with their organization’s logo and name are being offered to every person associated with the brand. It is the best way to easily call anyone by its name just by have a quick glance at his/her name badge. With the arrival of festival season, various organizations come across such to make their business advertise on a larger scale. Festival lanyards in UK are the best way to do so as they include the company name along with logo which makes a large number of people aware of it. Carrying your name badge for festival/conference/event has become very important now as it is the best way to make your identity clear to everyone. Seven rules for the conference name badge are:

  1. Necessary wearing, without any exceptions: It is the first and foremost rule that everyone should need to follow and especially when it comes off a conference or other events. Festival Lanyards in the UK are one of the best ways to make the identity of the attendees clear. These badges should need to be properly checked at the doors and should also be worn all the time to all the attendees in order the make their identities clear. It is the best way to make new connections and meet new people.
  2. A big one: The size of the name badge you are going to wear should need to be big enough to or accommodate the name of the employee and organization printed on large so that people could easily get their info on it. Most of the time 4*8 or 4*6 is the preferred sizes.
  3. Deemphasize the conference logo: Never put the name of the conference or sponsors on the top of the badge as it may cause difficulty in reading your name if applied to the top of the badge. So try it to make small and put it on the bottom of the badge in order to avoid such situations.
  4. The name must be readable from a distance: The name of the employee printed on the badge should be with a quick and non-lingering glace from a minimum of 15 feet of distance. You can use highway Gothic or ClearviewHwy font design for the same. Having a bigger name printed on your name badge makes it very easy to read by a distance by the people and hence makes it somewhat easier to meet new folks as well by learning each other’s names.
  5. Never use all caps on your name badge: People are always suggested not to use all caps on their name badge as it becomes harder for everyone to read it from a distance. To avoid such situations, you could better make use of normal writing patterns which makes it easy to read and easily understandable by everyone in the conference or event.
  6. No Flipping: The lanyards you are using for your name badge should be stiff and strong so that it doesn’t allow the badge to spin, flip, and tilt. It should need to lay your badge stay flat on the wearer’s neck. All this is necessary that most of the times your name badges includes your identity printed on one side only and if tilted, flipped or get spin it could become everyone to get your identity.
  7. Adjustable lanyard: Another important rule for a conference name badge is that the lanyard should be easily adjustable so that the wearer could easily adjust as per their size or proportions.

Wearing a Festival Lanyards in the UK is very much compulsory if you are a part of any festival, conference or event there. It is the best way to showcase one’s identity and make it easier for others as well to get in communication. We have described some of the basic rules while deciding a conference name badge.

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