The Skills You Need for a Career as a Personal Trainer


Are you feeling like it’s time to make a career change? Have you been considering a career as a personal trainer but you’re not sure you’re quite cut out for the job? As a personal trainer you’ll be working with clients to help motivate them and give them the information they need to meet their personal health goals. What this means is that you need to have a wide variety of skills in order to be successful in the job.

In order to help make your career path a little clearer, here’s a look at some of the top skills you’ll want to have as a personal trainer.

Excellent Leadership Skills

When it comes to the top skill for personal trainers, leadership is often listed. Those strong leadership skills are what will help you motivate and then lead your client through what can be some rather daunting tasks. Helping them to reach their goal isn’t easy, and they will be looking to you for that leadership.

It Takes Passion and Positivity to Succeed

It’s also very important to be passionate about personal health in general, and have a positive outlook on life. That positivity will rub off on clients and help them to believe their goals and dreams are possible. That “can do” attitude is what clients need to see.

No Shortage of Energy

As a personal trainer you’ll be working with various clients each day and each of these clients’ needs to be given the same level of energy and commitment. What this means is that you need stamina and perseverance. Each client training session should be approached in a fresh and energetic manner.

The Proper Training and Education

Of course you also need the proper training, education, and certification to become a personal trainer. You’ll need to learn about the science of exercise and nutrition and how they work together.

What Can You Expect to Make as a Personal Trainer?

Of course if you’re thinking about changing careers or starting out in your first career, then there is no doubt you will be interested in how much personal trainers can expect to make. When it comes to personal trainers the salary really is all over the board depending on where you work (do you operate your own business or do you work out of a gym), what state you work in, and the type of clientele.

The general NASM CPT salary (those that have accreditation) make $35,000 per year. If you plan on doing personal training as a part-time job, then the national average is $18,600. As mentioned, some states tend to pay better than others, with New York being the highest at $41,000. On the flip side, the lowest average yearly salary is in Nebraska where personal trainers make $28,000.

If you want to be able to make more, then you can earn more certifications.

Enter the Field Informed and Ready

By taking the time to read up on the necessary skills to become a successful personal trainer, you’ll be sure to enter the field in an informed manner and ready to make a difference in people’s lives.

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