Landing a Job Through a Recruitment Consultancy


Finding a satisfactory job is not very easy anymore. There are simply too many candidates going after too few jobs. To make the best of the situation, candidates have been turning to recruitment consultancies to help them find jobs in their particular sectors of interest and qualification. With the way these consultancies operate and the records of success they have been able to garner over the past few years, it is easy to understand their increasing popularity.

How Recruitment Consultancies Work

Because the main purpose of recruitment consultancies is to help their clients find jobs, they often begin to work with the client right from the basic level, starting with the CV or resume. When clients sign up with a recruitment consultancy, they are often assigned to a particular consultant in the agency who will then be in charge of things concerning those clients. Most times, they will help the clients to redesign or amend their CV/resumes in such a way that they would be much more attractive to companies looking to recruit for UK asbestos jobs or indeed any other type.

The next step is to help the candidate through the process of applying for jobs. This may begin with sending their CV/resume to companies that are looking for new employees. Depending on the particular policies of the recruitment consultancy, the consultant handling a particular client’s search might be the one to send the application, or they might just notify the client and ask them to send it in themselves. Either way, the consultancy would definitely provide help with regard to the cover letter or any other requirements that are necessary for the job application to have a high chance of success.

In the event that the application gets through the first stage at the company it was sent to and it is necessary for the client to go for an interview, the consultancy will also provide assistance in this regard by drawing on their experience and knowledge about the particular company’s recruitment practices to advise the client and prepare him or her for the interview. Recruitment consultancies offer an all-included service that takes an applicant through the entire process of looking for and finding a job.

What to Look Out For

When you have decided to make use of a recruitment agency in your job search, the next thing you will have to make a decision on is exactly which one to go with. One of the major things you need to consider is the experience and network that the company has. Ideally, the company should have been in that line of business for a reasonable length of time and you should be able to tell that they have a wide network from which to draw on in effecting placements.

The specialisation of the consultancy is related to the network aspect. A lot of consultancies specialise in particular industries and agencies, so you might want to check those out too since they will likely be more focused and effective in their particular niches.

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