Common Skip Hire Slough Mistakes You Should Avoid


Skip hire Slough services are ideal for getting rid of large piles of waste in an easy and fast manner. In order to get the most benefit, it is suggested to hire the right skip. However, this can prove difficult as there are plenty of aspects to be taken care of. Many first time customers are not able to choose the right skip. So, to avoid facing any difficulty later on, mentioned below are a few mistakes you should avoid when hiring a skip.

The first and most common mistake is ordering a skip of wrong size. In case you order a smaller skip, then it will not be able to contain all the waste. On the other hand, a bigger waste will not be used fully and will lead to wastage of money. Thus, choosing the right size of skip according to the amount of waste to be disposed of is very important.

The next consideration is not ensuring the access route before ordering the skip. In order to make loading and unloading of skip easier, it is important to place it in a stable and safe area and it should be easy to access through a convenient route. For example, if you are planning to place the skip in your backyard, then you should have a proper access route planned to transport the skip safely.

In some cases placing a skip on your property is not possible. This will require you to put the skip on street and for this getting a permit is essential. This step is often overlooked by customers, which can lead to considerable inconvenience later on. It is suggested to get the special permit beforehand by getting in touch with the related authorities. Many skip hire providers offer this service as well, where they can arrange the permit without you having to contact the council directly.

Another mistake is not placing the markings when putting the skip on street or any other public place. As mentioned earlier, in case there is no provision for placing the skip around your property, then it can placed on the street. However, before doing that you are required to put markings to point out the location of the skip. Traffic cones, safety lamps and reflective markings should be placed around skip to make the passers-by and traffic aware.


Keeping the above mentioned points in mind and avoiding these mistakes can make your experience of hiring a skip easy and stress free. Besides these, it is recommended to get in touch with your local council to know about any other rules and regulations that you might have to adhere to when hiring, loading or placing a skip. It is recommended to find a reputable and experienced company offering skips for hire. Such companies deliver reliable services to ensure complete convenience of their clients. Whether the waste is generated at home, office or construction site, you can rely upon a professional skip hire Slough Company to deliver prompt service for the collection and disposal of waste.

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