Finding the Right Job Online


Finding the right job, especially when you’re moving to another country such as Malaysia, can be difficult. In today’s world, the internet has become the go-to place for job seekers, but even then, it’s not always so easy to do a search for open jobs in Malaysia. You have to be ready to comb through hundreds or thousands of results to find the perfect jobs to apply for. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the many results you get from an online job search, here are a few things you can do to help narrow them down.

Change Up Your Search Terms

Different companies may use different titles for the same job. A social marketing expert at one company may be a social media manager at another. If you’re searching for one job title but aren’t finding a lot of jobs, try changing the wording a little bit. Replace some words with synonyms or browse categories instead of doing keyword searches. Once you do this, you’re likely to start finding a number of alternate job titles you can use in your searches that return more relevant results.

Find the Best Job Sites

While there are a number of general online job sites out there, remember that they may not have a large number of the jobs you’re looking for or many opportunities for those living in or moving to Malaysia. You may need to narrow down the results before you start finding good jobs. You can look at some of the different companies in Malaysia that are in your industry, but not all businesses post openings on their websites.

A better idea is to look for sites that list only jobs in Malaysia. For example, if you’re looking for IT positions, you can select from this list of IT jobs in Malaysia. This way, you know all of the jobs are in the country you want, which drastically narrows down the postings you have to go through.

Know What Jobs You’ve Applied For

Applying for jobs online is often as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. However, because it’s so easy, it’s also easy to accidentally apply for the same job twice. Keep a spreadsheet or at least a notebook nearby and write down every job you apply for and the company it was with. This will not only help ensure that you don’t accidentally send your resume to the same company twice, but it will also let you keep track of when you applied for a job. This can be helpful for determining which jobs you’ve probably been passed over for.

Double Check Before Hitting Send

Another thing to be careful about when applying for jobs online is that it can be very easy to accidentally attach the wrong file or make a typo. If you’re looking for jobs online, your computer and typing skills may quickly become apparent, especially if you’re lacking in them. Make sure you’re sending the right file and that you’ve spelled everything correctly before submitting an online application.

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