3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Transport Company


When it comes to heavy haulage, for example, transporting heavy equipment and machinery across short or long distances, it’s essential to hire the right transport company. If you lack experience with heavy haulage you need to not only find the right transport company to move your items of heavy equipment, but also have a good idea of what to look for in one. Here are three important questions that you’ll need to ask yourself before hiring a transport company to manage your heavy haulage needs.

  1. Will They Meet My Haulage Requirements?

This is the most important of the three questions listed here. A heavy haulage company must be able to meet your requirements if they are to be considered for the job. That means making sure they have the right vehicles for your needs, including low loaders, tilt trays and truck mounted cranes. Versatile transport solutions like Hiab in Perth by Reef Group is what you’ll be looking for if you’re looking for a transport company that offers your business a broad range of transport solutions to ensure all your haulage needs are met.

  1. What Do Past Clients Have to Say About Them?

Customer experiences are very important and you can determine a lot about a transport company by reading customer reviews online and by asking around for word-of-mouth recommendations. If you don’t find customer reviews online, then asking your business peers and other industry players about their experiences with transport companies is the best way to source a leading company to manage your heavy haulage needs. Some of the things that you should ask about include:

  • The advice and assistance the company provided
  • The punctuality and professionalism displayed
  • The transport solutions they delivered

Chances are one of your business peers, perhaps another company that you work with or a company that you’re subcontracted to, will be able to recommend a good local transport company to you.

  1. Are Their Rates the Most Competitive on Offer?

While it’s usually the case that you get what you pay for, it’s also very important to make sure that your transportation solutions are cost-effective as this will help you to maintain a healthy bottom line. In some cases, you’ll find that it’s necessary to pay a higher rate in order to work with a leading transport company, but generally speaking, once you’ve shopped around and compared quotes you’ll find that you don’t have to pay any more to work with a leading transport company than a run-of-the-mill company.

In conclusion, as there are many things to consider with heavy haulage you need to ask yourself several important questions, such as, will the transport company be able to meet my haulage needs, what do their past clients have to say about their experiences transporting items of heavy equipment with them, and are their rates competitive in comparison to other service providers? When you have answered these questions, you’ll find yourself in a much better position in which to hire the right transport company for your heavy haulage needs.

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