How Experts Remove Asbestos


For a long time, asbestos was used in many different applications. It is known for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. For example, ancient Romans discovered the insulating properties of asbestos thousands of years ago. They didn’t have much use for it because it was so rare and expensive. In many homes, its primary use was as a party trick. The wealthy owner of a house would put his hand in a glove made of asbestos and plunge that hand into a fire. When he pulled his hand out unharmed everyone would be amazed. That was about the extent of asbestos use for a long time. Then, larger sources of the material were discovered and it became very affordable. That meant that it became a material commonly used in paint and insulation. Many homes and businesses throughout Australia were lined with asbestos. Later on, it became clear that asbestos can cause disease when inhaled. An entire industry exists to remove asbestos from homes and businesses. If you are at all concerned about asbestos, you need to call the professionals.

Call the Professionals

You should call a professional to inspect your property. Asbestos is a very dangerous material but typically it is only dangerous when inhaled. It has to be fragmented into fibres to be inhaled. If you don’t disturb it, it likely won’t be dangerous. However, if you go looking for asbestos and find it, you might also inadvertently trigger it. An expert will know how to handle the material without upsetting it. There are two basic responses to asbestos: abatement and removal.

An expert will be able to remove a piece of material and test it for asbestos content. Then, he or she will be able to recommend abatement or removal. The decision rests on the activity around the material as well as its friability. If a material is considered very friable, it is more likely to fragment into fibres, which makes it dangerous. For example, a popcorn ceiling or home insulation is considered very friable. Asbestos tiles are not considered very friable. Also, asbestos in your basement or attic will be treated differently than asbestos in your kitchen. If the experts do decide you need asbestos removal services, they will work in a very methodical way.

How It Works

Experts must be very methodical and very careful when they are removing asbestos. Since it can separate into tiny fibres, it can also be carried by the wind. They must be very careful not to upset it because that would just expose a wider range of people to the harmful effects of the material. They have to make sure they keep it away from anything that could endanger others. For that reason, parts of the home or office are often cordoned off with plastic while the experts work. They use HEPA vacuums, high-grade filters, and the very best technology. It is a difficult job but a necessary one. If you need removal services, you should look for well-respected professionals who have a long track record of providing good service. Asbestos is too dangerous to place in the hands of an amateur.


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