Sexual harassment in New Jersey: Call an employment lawyer


Workplace discrimination is more common than we think. While many employees shrug off minor incidents, other cases are often more complicated. Regardless of the person on the other side, sexual harassment is something you shouldn’t tolerate. Federal and New Jersey laws prohibit any form of sexual harassment at work. As an employee, you have your rights, and if you believe that you have been a victim of sexual harassment, you must exercise your legal options. For that, the first step is to a New Jersey employment lawyer. Below are some quick pointers to understand.

What is sexual harassment?

Any form of sexual harassment at work is prohibited under Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act and New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. Cases of sexual harassment are typically divided into two categories. The first one is called “quid pro quo sexual harassment”, where the employer or supervisor offers promotions or the option to retain the “job” in exchange for unwelcome sexual advances. For example, if someone asks you for a date and threatens to get you demoted if you refuse, it is a clear case of quid pro quo harassment.

The second category of sexual harassment refers to a hostile work environment. This happens when an employee is subjected to advances, taunts, comments, or any conduct that makes it impossible for the person to work like any other person. This can be something as simple as someone brushing their body against you every time in the elevator or trying to pass a comment about your body time and again.

Why do you need an employment lawyer?

Pursuing a case against your employer, supervisor, or colleague won’t be an easy journey. Also, just because you believe you have a sexual harassment case doesn’t mean your case will hold. The burden of proof in such cases is considerably higher, and you need to find an employment lawyer that you can trust for the job. Most attorneys in NJ offer a free initial consultation for employees and workers, and they can explain in depth the possible legal options and expected remedies. There is no one way of resolving such cases, but you are unlikely to make mistakes when an experienced attorney is on your side. If needed, the lawyer can represent you at trial and ensure that your rights as an employee are honored.

Don’t be a victim of sexual harassment or workplace discrimination. Call an attorney now to know more.

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