What are the PMP Eligibility Criteria

If you need to apply for the PMP exam, you have to succeed in three eligibility requirements assigned by PMI. Accordingly, we advise you to go through these requirements heedfully before applying for the exam. These three PMP exam eligibility requirements can be categorised into three sections. These sections are as follows: Education, Project management experience and Project management training.

Education: The first requirement is education. You should clasp either a bachelor’s degree holder or secondary degree holder. The degree or diploma can be in any order.

Project Management experience: The second requirement is project management experience. If you are degree owner you should have at have about three years, and if you are a diploma owner you should have approx five years of experience in main and commanding projects.

Project Management training: This is the third and final requirement. You must deal with 35 contact hours of official project management training. This training can be acquired from one or the other of a PMI Registered Education Provider or non REPs. There is many ways of training accessible from these givers. Some are online and others are through existent classes. Online training programs are found to be much inexpensive than live classes. So, these are the three eligibility requirements that you should attain in sequence to apply for the PMP exam. We have continuously been receiving many queries in reference to the PMP eligibility needs. Although we have cleared it here, a few companies are still inquiring for some questions.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) ® document is Project Management profession’s most worldly identified and esteemed certification. PMP certification cost differs on a diversity of features like place and way of delivery, live Learning and online learning. There are specific questions whose answers are explained in details:

“I’m not a project Manager. Can I apply for the Exam?”

Most experts working in project management do not clasp the project manager title, so they discover themselves puzzled if they can sit for the exam. Please keep in mind that the PMI eligibility requirements note that “you should have gone through in leading and aiming the project.” This means leading and aiming a project as recognised with the jobs, understanding, and expertise particularly in the PMP Examination Content Outline. If you’re not a project manager but are exercising in project management and have involvement as stated above you are eligible to sit for the PMP exam. There are also some questions from people who are not into project management and need to be aware if they can apply for the exam. Project management involvement is a compulsory requirement to apply for the PMP exam. If you did not work in projects, you cannot sit for the exam.

The PMP Certificate is only for IT Professionals

We have also accepted some questions from visitors who were uncertain if this certification can be acquired by someone working outside of the IT sector. They were reasoning that this certification is only for experts working in the IT sector. This is not actually true. The PMP certification requirements are the industry autonomic and the project management rules given in the Guide exercised to all industries. If you are in project management, in spite of everything of the industry, you are eligible to sit for the PMP exam.

The PMP certification is for experts who are working in project management and desire to increase their expertise and order. If you are in project management and want to be outstanding in your career, you should apply for it. But, if you are not mixed up in project management and need this certification, you should initially earn some involvement in project management and then you should apply for it. Learn more by visiting our website.


The Merits of Employee Recognition and Rewards

By: University of the Fraser Valley

Employees are known to respond positively to appreciation at work, mainly when it is done by recognizing their efforts since it confirms their input is valued. A simple thank you will not only make your employees feel good but also go a long way in benefiting your business. Here is how:

Top 6 Benefits of Employee Recognition

1. Productivity

It is no secret that engaged staff tend to be more productive, work efficiently and are proactive to perform a fruitful task. “If their efforts are likely to be rewarded and praised, then it is evident that employees will work hard to receive this kind of recognition,” says an expert on management training at GBS Corporate Training.

2. Job Satisfaction

Recognising all the efforts of your employees is a demonstration that the job they are doing is valuable to their business. It conveys the message that their work is worth rewarding and hence is essential. This will, in turn, make the employees feel that they are making an impact on your business.

3. Employee Happiness

Happy and fulfilled employees could always be motivated to perform even better due to the positive energy they have towards a business. When an employer treats his staff with gratitude and respect, the staff members will want to return the favour by doing a good job. This kind of positivity could send waves across a business, creating a conducive working environment that people will want to be a part of.

4. Retention

More often than not, a high employee turnover often results in poor morale which could make other staff members seek greener pastures. The time needed to recruit and train new staff will affect utilisation, and the fiscal costs can take a toll on your business, so staff retention should always be a priority. The provision of rewarding will give employees a good reason to stick with your company.

An impressed and satisfied member of staff could be motivated to improve his performance due to his positive feeling towards your company.

5. Loyalty

If your members of staff have a close engagement with your business, they will most probably sell and promote your brand more aggressively than an employee who doesn’t care or believe in your business. Rewarding good work often generates loyalty in addition to helping your team have an emotional bond with your company.

6. Team Culture

Rewards that take into account peer-to-peer recommendations are perfect for team spirit since they encourage employees to see the positive attributes in each other. Teams are better poised to achieve this since they work together on a daily basis. Moreover, letting colleagues nominate each other for specific rewards is empowering since it demonstrates their value for each other’s opinion.

How Can You Provide Recognition and Rewards?

An Employee Recognition Programme

An effective way of providing staff incentives is through a well-structured employee recognition programme that is run on an online platform. This helps place all essential information at employee and management fingertips thus allowing the whole business to easily interact with it. Rewards should be visible to staff so as to give an incentive to work harder. Performance metrics must also be visible to the senior team members so that they can easily monitor each employee’s progress and proactively recognise efforts at the right times. Such platforms are often straightforward and less costly to implement while increasing the ease of rewarding customers so that high performance is not ignored.

What Should A Reward Programme Include?

In order to create a scheme and have it running, there are essential aspects that must be featured as mentioned in our previous post, and they are:

  • Peer-to-peer recognition – this means empowering your staff members to always celebrate each other.
  • Extended-service awards – celebrating milestones to recognize your loyal staff.
  • Instant recognition – there should be visible metrics to reward staff members immediately instead of waiting for a standardised time, like at the end of the year.
  • Rewards – have desirable wins that staff members will always desire to achieve.

It is crucial to design your scheme in line with your company so that it reflects your brand and culture. When run appropriately, an employee recognition scheme will have a positive impact on your business.


The Skills You Need for a Career as a Personal Trainer

Are you feeling like it’s time to make a career change? Have you been considering a career as a personal trainer but you’re not sure you’re quite cut out for the job? As a personal trainer you’ll be working with clients to help motivate them and give them the information they need to meet their personal health goals. What this means is that you need to have a wide variety of skills in order to be successful in the job.

In order to help make your career path a little clearer, here’s a look at some of the top skills you’ll want to have as a personal trainer.

Excellent Leadership Skills

When it comes to the top skill for personal trainers, leadership is often listed. Those strong leadership skills are what will help you motivate and then lead your client through what can be some rather daunting tasks. Helping them to reach their goal isn’t easy, and they will be looking to you for that leadership.

It Takes Passion and Positivity to Succeed

It’s also very important to be passionate about personal health in general, and have a positive outlook on life. That positivity will rub off on clients and help them to believe their goals and dreams are possible. That “can do” attitude is what clients need to see.

No Shortage of Energy

As a personal trainer you’ll be working with various clients each day and each of these clients’ needs to be given the same level of energy and commitment. What this means is that you need stamina and perseverance. Each client training session should be approached in a fresh and energetic manner.

The Proper Training and Education

Of course you also need the proper training, education, and certification to become a personal trainer. You’ll need to learn about the science of exercise and nutrition and how they work together.

What Can You Expect to Make as a Personal Trainer?

Of course if you’re thinking about changing careers or starting out in your first career, then there is no doubt you will be interested in how much personal trainers can expect to make. When it comes to personal trainers the salary really is all over the board depending on where you work (do you operate your own business or do you work out of a gym), what state you work in, and the type of clientele.

The general NASM CPT salary (those that have accreditation) make $35,000 per year. If you plan on doing personal training as a part-time job, then the national average is $18,600. As mentioned, some states tend to pay better than others, with New York being the highest at $41,000. On the flip side, the lowest average yearly salary is in Nebraska where personal trainers make $28,000.

If you want to be able to make more, then you can earn more certifications.

Enter the Field Informed and Ready

By taking the time to read up on the necessary skills to become a successful personal trainer, you’ll be sure to enter the field in an informed manner and ready to make a difference in people’s lives.


The Importance of Health and Safety Training

Health and safety training is essential for workers who operate in dangerous environments. For instance, if you are a contractor who often has to ask workers to work on very high buildings, it’s important that you convince them to take a course on training for height safety. Not only this, but it’s also important that you give all your workers a basic first aid training course too. Here are some key benefits of investing in a health and training course.

Major Benefits

  • The major benefit of a Hertfordshire health and safety training course is that your workers will know what to do in case of a serious emergency.
  • Your workers won’t panic in case there’s a problem and will instead know just what to do.
  • This could further reduce the number of injuries that are caused due to workers not knowing what to do next.
  • In certain places, there are strict regulations about workers having proper training so it’s important that you give them safety training to avoid sanctions.

Signing up for a Course

If you are interested in signing up for a course on health and safety training, there are plenty of centres in Hertfordshire that can help you out. You can contact your local health and safety training centre to decide upon a date for hosting the course. It doesn’t really cost a lot of money to go through the course and the benefits that you get are far going to outweigh the costs.


What You Need to Know When Moving Office

Moving office can be a laborious process if you do not work with a company that is devoted to the task. That is why you need to partner with a firm such as McKellar & Sons Removals and Storage to make sure that your removal and storage needs are fulfilled. Not only do you need to be logistically prepared but you also need to depend on a company that understands how to best facilitate an office relocation.

Some of the Factors to Consider

That is because several factors must be considered whenever you are moving office. Some of these factors include the equipment that will be moved, the electronics that must be transported, and the executive furniture that must be relocated and set up at its new location.

When you work with a company such as McKellar & Sons Removals and Storage, you are using the services of trained removalists. This means that they are acclimated to packing items that are exclusive to office removals in Hoddesdon. Hoddesdon is just west of the Prime Meridian. Therefore, residents seem more cognisant of geography and the impact of relocation.

A Better Way to Facilitate a Removal

That is why you want to use a removals company that can handle the movement of furniture and office equipment and do so in a way that ensures success. Because commercial removalists have the equipment needed to handle all types of items and furnishings, they can better accommodate any type of moving request.

For example, an office removal, if sizeable, often requires multiple trucks as well as specific boxes or crates. You do not want to outsource vendors if you can obtain this type of assistance through a moving company.

That is why both you and your staff can relax when you work with office removals specialists. Because any kind of removal can be stressful, you need to put your confidence into the hands of removalists who have proudly helped thousands of companies. Moving should never be tasked to employees or non-professionals. If anything gets broken, you only increase your risk of liability.

Better Organisation and Time Management

However, if you plan your removal using a systematic protocol, you can delineate and better organise the items and furnishings that you will be moving. When you work with professional removalists, you can keep track of your inventory, get everything ready and organised for transport, and make sure that all your items are packed properly. In addition, removalists can disassemble and assemble the furnishings in your new office space.

When you have this type of support system in place, you can make an office transition much easier. That is why you want to contract removalists to streamline the process.

Plus, working with a removal company that offers storage will enable you to better manage your office files. Make sure that you have storage available in case you want to archive files or store furniture that may be needed at a later date.

Take time today to review your removal options and check your office inventory. Both the transportation and placement of your items need to be handled by a full-service removal company. Firms such as McKellar & Sons Removals and Storage can answer all your questions about office and domestic removals.


What is meant by a Psychometric Test Assessment

Recruiting a suitable candidate or an employee for a certain post is indeed a difficult procedure that the employers have to face these days. To lessen up this burden, big companies recruit tertiary companies to perform the act of recruiting employers.

The general path of recruitment follows an aptitude test, a group discussion, and a personal interview. But nowadays recruiting processes are done online, and the employers perform theonline psychometric test. The word “psychometric” is related to the study of psychological measurement and personality assessment. The objective of the company is to measure or assess the knowledge and skill of the candidate, the abilities and attitude, personality traits and the educational qualification. This test gives the employer a general idea of the candidate and his mental abilities.The psychometric scores can be increased if one works and prepares over time.

There are numerous tests developed by the experts in the field that can offer the desired results to the recruiter in a limited time. The tests are developed in a manner that can check various aspects of one’s personal traits. On the basis of the test analysis, the interviewer can check if he has the qualities which he needs in the concerned job.

What are the advantages of Psychometric Tests?

The following points will try to enumerate a few advantages of the psychometric tests on the part of the employer.

  • A regular interviewing process requires the employer company to take up big spaces to conduct the interview processes. Psychometric test online is a comprehensive test which gives the employer a general roundabout idea of the candidate. Also, the best part is one can take the test online using their personal computers and the hassle of renting big spaces is absolutely not required. The result of the test can also be availed in just a few minutes, and hence the overall process of recruitment can be faster.
  • The test is prepared by the psychologists of the organization, and it is imperative for the employer to assess every candidate through it. There are some jobs which might lead to a lot of mental pressure, and the tests are important to decide which post is suitable for whom. The psychometric tests decide the occupation and the job level that is or can be assigned to an individual. Hence a right job to a right candidate can easily be fixed.
  • The psychometric test is a comprehensive test which includes numerical and verbal reasoning tests, abstract reasoning tests and personality test. All of these tests are combined into one, and the scores obtained by each candidate help the organization to decide which post and at what difficulty level can an employer be assigned to.
  • The psychometric test has cent percent accuracy standard, and the evaluation will provide sound and credible information about an employee which entirely based on his/her performance in the test. True that a person can work to score more in the test, but the results are not affected by personal connections and favours.

What is an Employee Attitude Survey and what is it used for

Becoming more and more popular with time, an employee attitude survey, also known as an “employee opinion survey”, is a method utilised by employers to measure workers’ attitudes about their workplace surroundings. Its elemental purpose is to diagnose any problems and make advancements within the company, with the expected outcome of bettering worker morale and productivity.

An employee attitude survey may be provided to measure employee happiness, work satisfaction, to identify training and development necessities, to develop managerial and worker communications, and for a range of other reasons. An employee attitude survey may be handed out at regular intervals to maintain continuous employee opinions or with regard to specific needs assessments, which will depend on the professional surveying company.

Development, Administering and Questions

Employee attitude surveys are done online, on paper, over the telephone or even face-to-face interviews. A survey may be provided to all of a company’s employees, to a small number of employees or in a particular section of the employee population depending on what the reason for the employee survey actually is. Companies frequently hire professional outside consulting firms whom specialise in the development of employee attitude surveys. These expert outside services may both develop and administer surveys, or they might create them and have them managed by people within the original company, people like the human resources department.

The kind of questions you will find on an employee attitude survey will often be of the multiple choice type, with workers marking whether they strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree or are unsure about a certain statement. Employee attitude surveys can also ask open-ended or yes-or-no questions, and they may have a combination of differing question formats. Questions are often divided into sections that will ask how well workers believe the company is doing in specific areas.

Kinds of Questions

Common types of questions found in an employee attitude survey will include overall satisfaction with the company, compensation, benefits and the working conditions. There may be also other kinds of questions regarding things like safety concerns, recognition and rewards, career development, corporate culture and even more. Typical questions from an employee attitude survey, which can contain sometimes dozens of questions, might include the likes of “My manager recognises me if I do a job well,” or “It’s easy to get all the information I need to carry out my job to the best of my ability” and “I am satisfied with my wages and benefits.”

After the survey has been completed, containing such kinds of questions, the answers are then taken and analysed, and any area which can be improved are identified. The companies will then put forward positive plans in place to address those areas for improvement. The survey results and the improvement plans are then given over to the workers. When companies have surveys at regular intervals, they can be seen to measure the effects of any changes over time.

Employee surveys are making better conditions and thus better productivity in the place of work.


The Best Way To Succeed at Essay Writing

It is the minute each parent fears: when your child stays there, melancholy confronted, taking a gander at a perfect bit of paper before them. So what would you be able to do to offer assistance?

To succeed, at a secondary school and in a tertiary review you have to ace exposition composing.

I put pen to paper four years back and write my essay. I was a senior educator at Auckland University and a college analyst. For very nearly 20 years, in both class work and examinations, I’d directed everybody from 17-year old “newbie’s” to 40-year old profession changers with their paper composing. The distinction between an understudy who may achieve a B-Grade and the A-Grade understudy was only some very much set exhortation and heading.

I then gone by more than 50 New Zealand High Schools and talked with more than 8000 kiwi youngsters about exposition composing. These understudies detailed correctly an indistinguishable difficulties from I had beforehand experienced, and considerably more. The outcome has been two books and a DVD that have helped kids accomplish some of the likelihood that sits inside all individuals.

In this useful article, I will manage a few things you surely can do as a parent to help your prevail at paper composing. Since composing papers are well inside each tyke’s hold.

Tips for exposition composing achievement:

  1. It is a contention

Keep in mind that an exposition is a contention: the attempt in an article is not to make a story or to relate a plot. The instructor sees the majority of this exhortation. In an exposition, your kid’s employment is genuine to display a persuading contention utilizing certain confirmation for the guide they are attempting toward make.

  1. Form an arrangement: you’ll be satisfied that you did

Get your adolescent to form a short rundown plan of the points that their exposition must cover. Indeed, even a concise arrangement is best and unquestionably will begin to give the author an inclination that completing an article on such issue is well inside their grip.

Get a substantial sheet of clean A3 paper and some shaded pencils, and conceptualize a mind guide or outline plan of what the exposition ought to involve. Utilizing pictures, circles, lines, and bolts will all help the visual learner get the job needing to be done and help them see what they need to do.

  1. Beginning

A test numerous youngsters (and grown-ups) confront composing articles is beginning.

Support every one of them with the possibility that extraordinary papers are never formed the first run through over. Furthermore, see paper composing as a three-section prepare. The principal draft is just to get out the thoughts and words in unpleasant shape. In the second and third exertion, they will expand their exposition where there are spaces, elucidate thoughts, and give it a last clean. Understanding that an article isn’t thought to be immaculate the first occasion when you form it, truly helps a few people.

  1. Having enough to state

On the off chance that your child keeps on following, realize when they have perused up enough on the theme. They will find composing so considerably less demanding on the off chance that they spend one more day or two perusing more on the theme and gathering some extra considerations.

  1. Take a stab at utilizing an unbiased sentence

Propose beginning the article with an unbiased sentence: a sentence that basically expresses an intriguing certainty regarding the matter being composed about. Here’s one: ‘Mozart was among the most imperative Austrian writers of the eighteenth century.’ First sentences in articles don’t should be stellar – you simply need to begin!

Yes, essentially advise your inconvenience to compose my paper administration, and they will do anything do you want.



Unfortunately, not every man or woman in the country of America is blessed with having teeth that are immaculate. Matter of fact, even though many people may follow a strong oral routine, having bad appearing teeth that appear to have blemishes and flaws can still end up occurring. Usually, you are able to take care of any blemishes by simply opting for cosmetic dentistry; however, that can end up becoming very expensive for the average young adult or worker. This is why it is important to consider practicing preventive oral measures to preserve the appearance and health of your teeth. Failing to keep up with your teeth can end up putting you in a bad situation and can leave your teeth looking not so attractive. Referring to Markets Insider, statistics show that there were approximately more than 38% of participants in a study who felt that having poor teeth actually prevents them from living a satisfying life because of their teeth and mouth problems. In addition, the study also indicated that about one in five individuals who had poor teeth reduced the amount of socializing they did with others all because of the dental problems that they were facing. In order to improve your professional career, you want to make sure that you learn to practice better oral habits to prevent your teeth from badly decaying.

Having bad teeth is not just going to affect you physically, but it will also affect you professionally. There have been a number of studies that clearly show a strong relationship between how successful you are in the professional field and how good your teeth look. The harsh reality of it all is that the appearance of your teeth can actually dictate your success. For example, the whiter and brighter your teeth are the more likely someone such as your boss will end up viewing you as being successful, intelligent, responsible and also even wealthier. This could mean that you could possibly be looking at an easy promotion sooner than later. Your teeth tell a lot about you and who you are as a person. According to Forbes, a study that was conducted in the US discovered that about more than 33% of younger adults were less likely to smile because of having bad teeth, hindering their ability in the professional field. More than 28 percent of younger adults also felt they were not going to be successful because of how bad their teeth appeared.

In order to maintain the health and appearance of your teeth, you must be willing to invest effort and time into your teeth. Not only is it important for you to brush and floss regularly and routinely, but it is important to visit with your dentist regularly. Seeing a dentist on a regular basis can help spot early problem areas that may end up costing you the health of your teeth. You can look online for your nearest dentist by searching for: dental implant surgery castle pines co.

If you have been looking to get a better job, then you want to start off with improving yourself and especially the appearance and health of your teeth. You can easily repair poor condition teeth with simply seeing a dentist regularly. After you make all of your repairs to your teeth, be sure to keep them up so that you can be able to live a successful and satisfying life for the future.


Grab the Latest Government Job with just few Easy Tips

Have you been preparing for government job examination for so long? If you have been preparing for government job examination for so long and still not getting any success, then it is important to know where you lack behind. If you know well how to prepare for the examination, you will not be facing many difficulties to pass the exam. This blog has some tricks and tips that may help you to pass the examination in first attempt only. In India, almost every student after completing schooling or graduation starts looking for the jobs and the government job is considered as the most reputed and secure job in India. Therefore, thousands of students start searching the latest government jobs and the ways to get the government job.

Since the competition among candidates is at its peak nowadays, so it is required for every job seeker to have a lot of knowledge about various things. That is why, before you apply for latest government jobs 2017, look upon the tricks mentioned below and implement them in your life to gain success in government jobs.

Some of the tricks that are important for every latest government job seeker:

  1. Keep a positive attitude:

It is always important to keep a positive attitude before involving in anything, be it a job or something else. Until and unless you will have a positive attitude, you cannot step forward towards the step of success. Don’t be scared and prepare positively for the government job examination.

  1. Have a great knowledge of your core subject:

It is important to have a great knowledge on the subject in which you have applied for the job. There would be no benefit if you won’t have a proper knowledge of your core subject. So, first study your core subject and then apply for the government job in that field.

  1. Gain knowledge about current affairs:

To get a government job in India, it is essential to study about the current affairs going on in the country. In India, almost everywhere questions on current affairs are being asked to get the government job. So, be ready with the current affairs and get your dream job.

  1. Relax before the night of examination:

Do not panic before the night of examination. Stay cool and take a good sleep. Usually, it is found that students who don’t take proper rest before the night of examination, they tend to forget what they study so often during the examination.

  1. Practice well before the interview:

It is seen that many candidates pass the first round of written examination, but they lose confidence during face to face interview. So, it is recommended to practice well before your face to face interview. Watch as many inspirational videos you can to gain more confidence. It is also advised to practice by standing in front of the mirror as it helps you to practice eye to eye contact with the interviewer.

If you are planning to prepare for latest government jobs 2017, then the above-discussed tricks and tips are very useful for you and may help to step ahead towards the success. Keep visiting to learn more and more tips related to latest government jobs.