What is an Employee Attitude Survey and what is it used for


Becoming more and more popular with time, an employee attitude survey, also known as an “employee opinion survey”, is a method utilised by employers to measure workers’ attitudes about their workplace surroundings. Its elemental purpose is to diagnose any problems and make advancements within the company, with the expected outcome of bettering worker morale and productivity.

An employee attitude survey may be provided to measure employee happiness, work satisfaction, to identify training and development necessities, to develop managerial and worker communications, and for a range of other reasons. An employee attitude survey may be handed out at regular intervals to maintain continuous employee opinions or with regard to specific needs assessments, which will depend on the professional surveying company.

Development, Administering and Questions

Employee attitude surveys are done online, on paper, over the telephone or even face-to-face interviews. A survey may be provided to all of a company’s employees, to a small number of employees or in a particular section of the employee population depending on what the reason for the employee survey actually is. Companies frequently hire professional outside consulting firms whom specialise in the development of employee attitude surveys. These expert outside services may both develop and administer surveys, or they might create them and have them managed by people within the original company, people like the human resources department.

The kind of questions you will find on an employee attitude survey will often be of the multiple choice type, with workers marking whether they strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree or are unsure about a certain statement. Employee attitude surveys can also ask open-ended or yes-or-no questions, and they may have a combination of differing question formats. Questions are often divided into sections that will ask how well workers believe the company is doing in specific areas.

Kinds of Questions

Common types of questions found in an employee attitude survey will include overall satisfaction with the company, compensation, benefits and the working conditions. There may be also other kinds of questions regarding things like safety concerns, recognition and rewards, career development, corporate culture and even more. Typical questions from an employee attitude survey, which can contain sometimes dozens of questions, might include the likes of “My manager recognises me if I do a job well,” or “It’s easy to get all the information I need to carry out my job to the best of my ability” and “I am satisfied with my wages and benefits.”

 After the survey has been completed, containing such kinds of questions, the answers are then taken and analysed, and any area which can be improved are identified. The companies will then put forward positive plans in place to address those areas for improvement. The survey results and the improvement plans are then given over to the workers. When companies have surveys at regular intervals, they can be seen to measure the effects of any changes over time.

Employee surveys are making better conditions and thus better productivity in the place of work.

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