Separating Personal Expenses on Business Trips

You can get in big trouble with your employer, and perhaps terminated, for using company funds for personal expenses on business trips. You must keep these expenses separate on business trips. It can be difficult to do sometimes, but keeping good records helps. If you must, keep a file folder for personal expenses and a separate one for business-related expenses.

Take Cash for Personal Expenses

Rather than double-checking that you are using the right credit card to pay for items, take cash along for personal expenses. Limit yourself to only using cash for your own items to prevent a mishap from occurring. It is a good idea to keep cash in a hotel-room safe and only take with you what is needed for the day. Carrying around sums of cash in unfamiliar territory can be dangerous as it is easier to lose cash when you have a lot stacked in a wallet.

Keep Receipts Separate

Keep all of your receipts separated. If it helps, label each receipt with a P for personal and a B for business expenses. You can separate them later and file them appropriately. If you forget to mark a receipt, look at the time, date and items listed on the receipt to decipher what category the purchase falls into.

If file folders are not ideal, consider envelopes instead. Envelopes are less bulky and can easily be tucked into a briefcase for safe keeping.

Obtain Funding for Personal Expenses

You may be tempted to use company money for personal expenses if your personal bank account looks a little thin. Consider obtaining additional funding, you can click here to see what options are available, for personal expenses. Keep these funds separate and only use them for your personal expenses such as entertainment, non-business related meals and activities.

If you have to use personal money for taxi cab service, tipping or some business expenses, make sure to write this on your expense sheet.

Breakdown Personal and Business Expenses

Create a list of expected personal expenses and a separate list for business expenses. You will need two lists. One just for business expenses and another for your personal expenses. On these lists you will want to make categories, such as business lunches, dinners or entertainment. On the personal expenses list, it is a good idea to allow some room for retail therapy to bring gifts home for family members and entertain yourself during periods of downtime.

Include items like:

  • Gifts for children
  • A comedy show
  • Guided tour
  • Conference room space rental
  • Refreshments for business meetings
  • Travel to business meetings

Make sure that you have enough space on your breakdown sheets for each day that you will be abroad to keep the tallying process organized.

Keeping just a pile of receipts is not helpful when you are traveling for business. You can easily get disorganized and can potentially include personal expenses with business expenses, or vice versa. The more organized you are prior to the trip, the easier it will be to keep your finances separate. Personal expenses accidentally mixed in with business expenses should be repaid promptly.


Where Do Businesses Get Workwear?

Regardless of the job you do, you want to portray a professional image when you go to work. This is especially true when you deal with the public on a daily basis, like the way you look can influence not only their impression of you, but their impression of the company as well. Uniforms are especially popular with many companies, whether they consist of suits and jackets, basic white or black shirts and pants, or uniforms that have the company logo or the employee’s name embroidered onto the shirt or jacket. Uniforms come in a wide variety of styles and colours, and can come with or without the company logo or name. Whatever your particular business or industry, the purchasing of workwear is important, as are the companies which you buy these items from.

Not All Companies Offering Work Clothes Are the Same

Wearing work clothes designed or approved by your company offers many advantages. There is no need to be concerned about what you will be wearing each day when you prepare for your work day. However, company-designed work clothes offer much more than this. The clothes enable workers to have a clean, professional appearance, and produce a certain amount of continuity among the workers. Companies like UK Commercial Supplies offer a wide selection of professional and neat-looking workwear that encompasses many styles and designs. These include products such as:

  • Fleece jackets
  • Boiler suits
  • Polo shirts
  • Trousers that have multiple pockets
  • Chefs’ aprons and jackets
  • A variety of jackets for construction workers
  • Long- and short-sleeved shirts
  • Vests
  • T-shirts
  • Bodywarmers

Companies such as these offer whatever you need to portray the image that you want to exude, and they also offer personalised embroidery services that include company and employee names, as well as company logos. More often than not, the costs for embroidery services are extremely low, particularly if you order the product in bulk.

Top-quality Work Clothes Do Not Have to be Expensive

Just because a business is ordering work clothes for all its employees doesn’t mean that this service has to cost a fortune. Companies like UK Commercial Supplies work closely with businesses and offer excellent prices for all their items, which enables most businesses to purchase their workwear without having to spend a fortune on these items. Even if your work clothes are personalised, your total cost should be very reasonable.

Another way these companies make ordering their work clothes simple is that you can usually order the products online, even if you are personalising them. Most of these companies list all the details of their products directly on their websites, and you can even contact them for a free, no-obligation quote for any items you are interested in. Researching these companies, and ordering their products online, is simple, fast and inexpensive. In most cases, it offers the luxury of ordering at your convenience, and a large selection of work clothes that is sure to meet the needs of any type of business.


Professor John Song Potomac Explains the most Effective Direct Marketing Tactic

Professor John Song Potomac explains to his students how you can market your company more with different marketing tactics. There are many marketing tactics nowadays such as email marketing, direct mail and telemarketing. Now that the Internet has grown so much, there has been new marketing tactics introduced such as social media marketing. Advertisements have become our second nature and are found in just about any location including public restrooms, billboards, TV, and any public place you visit. John Song Potomac explains to his students the best approaches to take when it comes to marketing your company or product to certain segment such as consumers, distributors and businesses.

Marketing to Consumers

Marketing to Consumers seems to be the easiest type of marketing but that isn’t true. Although adults spend on average 30 hours a week watching TV and engaging in the media, there are so many different advertisements surrounding them that you need to stand out as a company. TV advertisements can be more effective for consumers but can still be hard to get their attention due to most individuals being on their mobile devices or computers during a commercial. With social media advertising, the company marketing to the consumer segment according to John Song Potomac will make their lives much easier and this will be more cost efficient to the company.

Marketing to Distributors

Marketing to distributors according to John Song Potomac is very different from consumers and businesses due to the sole reason that they are the ones who distribute your company’s products. A way to market to them is by offering bulk discounts. For example, if you as the company sell this many products, then we get an offer from the distributors who distribute the companies products. Since distributors are busy companies, sending emails frequently can annoy them therefore forcing them to unsubscribe therefore telemarketing can be more effective by suggesting bulk discount offers.

Marketing to Businesses

Marketing to Businesses

When it comes to marketing to other businesses, the most effective way would be with email marketing. As a business, normally you have a social media marketer allocated to just finding promotional offers for the products they use/need and promoting themselves online in general. There is no reason why a business would unsubscribe to an email sent by a company they have once purchased from because if the product was of quality and useful to them, they would definitely be able to purchase something fast with an email sent to them. You are one click away from making an action when it comes to email marketing. The business can click and it’ll redirect them to your site or purchase a new product via the email. This is why professor John Song Potomac suggests email marketing.


How to Make Field Sales More Effective

Every company want its salespeople to be more successful – as this equates to more success for the business overall. So what can you do to better support your sales people so that they are able to close more sales?

There are certain strategies that you can use for sales success which will allow your team to be much more effective. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that you can help your field sales team to perform at the best of their ability and close as many sales as possible.

Understanding What the Buyer Wants

Do you know who your buyer is and what is going through their mind when they are thinking about purchasing your product? When you know who your buyer is and what they want, you will be much better able to streamline sales techniques and increase effectiveness. Think about what type of person is buying your product or service and what benefit they get from it. Tailor the sales techniques of your representatives with the audience in mind, so that you can meet their unique needs. Do some research into your audience and present the findings to your field sales team, so that they can be more informed and better understand what your buyers are looking for.

Let Your Sales People Be Themselves

One of the common complaints of talented sales people is that they are forced to stick to a “script” which encourages them to follow a blueprint and close the sale in a particular style. While this style might work for some sales people, others might find it stilted and unnatural. Customers can tell when a sales person is reciting from a script and it’s a turn-off for them. Instead, let your sales people be themselves and sell things in a way that feels natural to them. They will enjoy their job more and they will likely be more successful.

Improve Sales Subject Matter Expertise

Salespeople need to be experts on the product and the subject matter around it. When they are selling the product they need to be able to inform the customer about it and understand the issues that the buyer is facing. They need to know a lot about the product or service so that they can answer any questions that the buyer might have. This is why sales subject matter expertise is very important. You can encourage this in your sales team by providing training, learning materials, reading materials and any type of furthering education.

Work On Social Media Engagement

Field sales is expanding and doesn’t just include face to face meetings anymore, but also social media engagement. Sales people need to start focusing on their participation on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as a part of their sales skills. This is more than just sending out some tweets about the product, it’s about engaging with your buyers and starting a conversation on social media. Make sure that your field sales team has had social media training and that they are familiar with how to use social media effectively to achieve this type of engagement.

Arm Your Sales Team with the Right Tools

You can help your sales team a great deal if you equip them with the right tools that they need to do their job. Supply them with a phone, laptop or tablet that allows them to have instant access to the latest product specs and contracts from any device. When they need to draw up a contract to close a deal, make sure that they can do that quickly and easily without having to jump across multiple devices or apps. For example, use an app that allows sales orders and contracts to be signed electronically so that they can get a digital signature on an iPad right there in the field.

These are just a few of the ways that you can empower your field sales team to be more effective. With the right skills, techniques and technology they will be able to achieve more sales and improve the success of your company. When you have a great sales team behind you, such as Tactical Solutions, the sky is the limit and there are no bounds to what your company can achieve.


Are you ready to explore the merits of Financial Spread Betting?

Are you an ambitious trader? Are you willing to explore faster avenues of profit? If your answer to these questions is a yes then make sure you’re exploring the benefits of financial spread betting. A casual internet search will tell you that financial spread betting gives you the opportunity to make huge profits by investing only a fraction of the price of the product. However, more seasoned traders will tell you that high leverage can actually leave you with substantial losses besides profits compared to your investment as well.

How is financial spread betting different from conventional trading?

There is a crucial difference between spread betting and conventional trading. While betting spreads, traders are not really required buying the actual product or asset. Instead, they are betting on the movement of the market. Not to forget, it’s the size of the spread which determines the trading parameters.

The discussion about financial spread betting will be incomplete without the mention of ETX Capital. ETX Capital’s premier spread betting platform is backed by several facilities. Go through the post in order to find out more about different aspects of financial spread betting.

Trading with ETX Capital

To start off with, let us tell you that ETX Capital offers you the tightest of spreads available for Forex Pairs – the minimum spreads being 0.9 on Cable, EuroYen, USD/CHF, AUD/USD and 0.7 on EuroDollar.

You have thousands of markets to select from plus there are three prominent trading platforms including ETX MT4, ETX TraderPro and ETX Binary. The different platforms have been designed to suit different trading styles. The broker has been prudent enough to identify different preferences of traders when it comes to trading platforms. It is simply owing to the fact that all traders are not comfortable trading with the same platform since different platforms are designed to suit the comfort of different traders. If a broker is efficiently able to run different trading platforms then they are sure going to draw many traders at the same time.

One can hardly question the credentials of ETX Capital since it already has three very prestigious awards to its credit including the Best Value for Money – Investment Trends (2011), Broker with the Best Online Charts – Money AM (2012) and Best Provider of Forex Trading Tools and Software- UK Forex Awards (2013).

Additionally, traders will have constant access to this platform via their mobile phones. They can see how their stocks are performing in such a volatile market.

Small Business,

Invest in an Office Fitout to Boost Employee Morale

In today’s office environment, productivity is important in order to function well as a team. With the emergence of collaboration, there is also a need to assess the layout and design of the office space. The idea is to get the right level of energy, and balance that kind of momentum with contemplative spaces and teaming areas. That is why a fitout for an office can be a good investment. Not only is space planning a necessity for increasing production, but it will also have an impact on your clients.

Make Your Space Adaptable and Innovative

The idea is to create a warm and inviting environment, one that will encourage your employees to communicate whilst making them feel more relaxed. If you can meet these criteria, you will do a lot toward increasing your company’s revenue. The office environment must be a welcome place for your clients to visit too. That is why you need a space that is not only a productive meeting place, but also one that will adapt to the changing needs of your company.

Over time, business prerequisites have changed. Now, there is more of a focus on flexibility, innovation and collaboration. The workspace must be designed so it aligns well with a company’s culture, its business theme and its future goals. That is why design companies, such as Acacia office fitouts in Sydney, are contacted by small and large companies alike.

A Different Kind of Space

With the incorporation of technology, the office has become a different kind of space. People are more mobile and need less space in which to work and discuss ideas. With the incorporation of sustainability, fitouts must also be planned that will show a company’s commitment to the environment. Designs must take into account the materials that are used, as well as the kinds of furnishings that will meet a business’s special requirements.

Tune into Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation both support workplace renovations. The workplace today is the major component of a corporation’s strategy. The use of an office space is not just an expense, but a primary way in which a business operates. Not only that, the colours that are chosen for an office fitout theme are important to a company. Whilst some companies like to integrate the company logo and colours into the design scheme, other businesses focus on colours that are known to motivate and encourage participation from employees.

Be a Leader in Your Field

Do you want to be a savvy company, one that is a leader in your field? Then you cannot underplay the importance of using a design company for updating your office’s design. Not only must you use the latest in technology, you must make sure the space in which you work also meets the collaborative requirements that go along with mobile and IT type communications.

How you communicate is impacted by your office’s design. Consult with a design company about how an office fitout can improve your company’s appearance and influence in the marketplace.


Four Things You Should Know About Working with Staffing Firms

For professionals seeking employment, working with a staffing firm has long been known as one of the best ways to do so. Doing so provides a variety of different benefits, with the most important one being that they can assist you in your quest to find reliable employment. Before you decide to work with a staffing firm, however, there are a few things that you should know.

It Needs to Be Reputable

In the age of the Internet, it is not difficult to make the claim that you are a reputable firm. It is also not difficult to be perceived as such so long as you have built a strong website and put together a few testimonials showing your reliability.

With this in mind, it is necessary that you do the research to determine that the staffing firm that you intend to work with actually is reputable. You can generally do this by taking a look at some of the companies that it works with, while also asking for references from former job seekers that it has assisted in seeking reliable employment.

You Need a Contract

There are plenty of horror stories about people that worked with staffing firms and ended up paying much more than they had originally planned for their assistance. Some of these firms will even go to lengths to gain a certain level of control over the future of the professionals that they find jobs for.

You can avoid all these issues by understanding and signing a contract before ever beginning to work with a staffing firm. While firms like H & G Recruitment can offer driving jobs in Kent, they also make terms clear before they get started with the process of helping you find a job.

The Firm Will Interview You

Most staffing firms will interview you before they begin the search process of finding you a job. This is a necessary step as it allows the firm to determine which jobs will best fit your needs while also giving them an opportunity to assist you, if necessary, with your interview skills. Many firms will also provide training to help ensure that you nail your interview when you get the opportunity.

It Really Can Help

While the information presented above may lead you to believe that you should just search for a potential job on your own, you should be aware that staffing firms really can be tremendously useful. Reputable firms generally have huge networks of businesses and organisations that they have provided assistance to in the past, which broadens your available pool for employment.

This expansive pool makes it much more likely that you will be able to find a job that meets your unique needs. The goal should be to create a winning situation for everyone involved.


5 ways a personal loan can fund home repairs

Whether you’ve recently bought a new home or you’ve lived in a family home for generations, there might come a time where you need to carry out repairs and remodelling work. This work helps to bring your home in line with contemporary living standards. You will need funds for this, and if you’re short on finances, you can begin to explore different solutions.

Your choices

To renovate your home, you can avail of a loan against gold or a loan against securities. You can also take out a home improvement loan.

In the first two cases, you would be tying down assets in the form of gold or securities. Secured loans have assets handed over to lenders as collateral, until you clear off the loans taken against them. This practice is one that might not be welcome by many, especially if you’ve been collecting the gold for your child’s wedding or college fund.

In the case of home improvement loans India, you would need to extend your home loan, or have enough equity on it to borrow money. There are also certain criteria involved. In case you are looking for an extension on your existing home loan, you need to have paid off enough EMIs to have secured a stake on a percentage of the property. This percentage would then be enough to cover the amount you need as a loan. Also, you cannot take out a loan on a property that is in another person’s name. For instance, if your family home is in your father’s name, you cannot borrow against it.

Most home improvement loans are sanctioned only if they improve the value of your home in the event of resale, rent or lease. If you are carrying out cosmetic changes that do not meet this criteria, or if you are undertaking changes according to your beliefs like Vastu Shastra, you may not get the loan.

Why a personal loan for home repairs?

A personal loan is an unsecured loan and is approved more often than not, provided you fulfill their criteria. These loans involve higher interest rates than secured loans, but in certain circumstances, this type of loan is ideal.

Ways in which a personal loan are ideal to fund home improvement

  • A personal loan requires no collateral and no explanations
  • If you qualify for the loan based on your financial standing and your credit rating, the bank will sanction the loan
  • Processing this loan is quick and easy, there is no need to furnish security documents
  • You need not submit the cost breakdown of your home improvement project
  • You can use the loan to carry out renovations on apartments or independent houses
  • You can use it to renovate your old family home even if it is not in your name
  • The loan allows you to remodel your kitchen, buy new appliances, or new furniture

A personal loan can be a quick solution in cases where you need unsecured loans for miscellaneous purposes. You can visit financial websites and do a comparison of personal loan offers from different banks and other financial institutions. You can even filter down the choices and pick the best personal loan to suit your needs.


Types of Advertising.

Small businesses can go for different types of advertising in order to achieve the marketing objectives. Advertising have the capability to explain the benefits of a product, generate good amount of leads for sales, it also helps in imporving the reputation of the industry or helps in comparing the maufacturers products and other brands with the competitors.

marketran advertising

Product Advertising

Product advertising if one of the best thing as it communicates about the features and the benefits of a product so that the customers knows everything about them. Companies usually use product advertising only when they are looking to launch new products or announcing about any change to existing products or to increase sales. Product advertisements also should reflect the interests of the audience that is targeted. An advertiser who is launching a campaign for a food product would create messages and select media platforms that a wide consumer audience. For example a business product campaign, like machine tool, would use media that would appeal the different groups that would effect the decision to buy which includes plant managers, production process engineers and finance managers.

Corporate Advertising

Corporate advertising campaigns is the real important part in b-to-b marketing, for companies that are trying to win the huge sale or contract. Usually the companies that looking for suppliers that have the ability to deliver the quality material on time. This advertising helps in building confidence among cunsumers by communicating a fair messages about the company’s capability and its resources. It will also explain about your position in market and financial condition. You can go for Orangelabel advertising in order to gain more sales.

Direct Response Advertising

Direct response advertising allows the companies to register the details. Typically this is done in exchange of an incentive offer, like the free gift, discount or any other type of offer for a business. This advertisement also includes the response mechanism, like reply coupon or any type of contact details or the website. The details that you have captured from the gained responses provides leads to your sales force or the telemarketing team will be able to follow up in order to create new and more sales opportunities. This direct response advertising can be used to sell products directly to the customers.

Financial Advertising

Financial advertising will help the company to attract funds if you have the plan to grow up your business or looking to make some major investment. This is one of the best way to if you are looking for an investment.


Make Your Party Memorable

When you are planning a party, you have a desire to make it perfect, the best party ever hosted. How can you do this? You can really give your party the ‘wow’ factor you want by renting amazing equipment.

Here are some must-have items for your next party.


Lighting does not need to be boring – instead it can be the highlight of your party. Absolute Partyhire offers some unique lighting opportunities that will fit any occasion. Perhaps you want strings of lights to twine along the edge of your party space. Perhaps you want romantic paper lanterns. All of these options can be found, plus more. You can find options for lighting your space completely or you can keep only dim table lamps. Your party will be personalised according to your needs.


Marquee hire in Sydney can often be expensive. However, it doesn’t have to be. How does renting a marquee benefit your party? A marquee allows your party to take place outside but with protection from the elements. You get the fresh air and natural beauty without risking the opportunity of being drenched by a sudden storm. These marquees can be personalised with different lighting techniques or floors. An advantage of having a marquee is that it can be fancy enough for a wedding or dressed down for a less formal event.


Flooring is another way you can make your party unique. Perhaps you didn’t even know flooring was a rentable object or that such variety was available.  Absolute Partyhire’s options for flooring can vary according to your tastes. You can have hard flooring if you are interested in dancing. Additionally, you can rent a red carpet to give your event a special royalty feel. You can even rent turf. Depending on the type of event you are hosting, having one or more of these special flooring options outfitting your location can give the party a special feel.


Linen is one aspect of most parties that hosts often forget about until the last moment. Additionally, linen can be a hassle for the host to have washed after the event. After all, when will you use the linen again? Renting linen is a much simpler option. Instead of having it be a last minute hassle, it can be easily arranged ahead of time so you don’t need to worry. Colours, sizes, and shapes can all allow you to personalise the linen you use to make your party fancy.


Accessories can be a fun little extra that adds spark to your party. Perhaps if your party is exclusive or high-class, you may want to rent a bollard and rope. Perhaps an arbour or a chocolate wheel is more to your liking. The area of accessories has many fun options to look through. Accessories can really personalise your party and make it one-of-a-kind.

If you want to have a beautifully outfitted party, marquee hire in Sydney can make yours a special occasion. Other must-haves are specialty lighting, flooring, linen, and accessories to make your party distinctive.