Effective Online Marketing Techniques for 2016 to Increase Bookings at Your Hotel


The world is rapidly changing, and business is shifting along with it. Today’s sharing economy is still evolving, but has already had a large economic impact on the hospitality industry. The shift to electronic media means that more than 40% of all sales in the travel industry are made online. Of course, the growth of the international economy has been beneficial to business by boosting transactions and travel. To keep your business thriving and riding this new wave of expansion, it’s important to know how to use online media to your advantage.

Target Your Best Customers and Be Tech Friendly

To begin with, the vast amount of online data available to you means that you can zero in on your most likely customers with your message.Use the social media that your key demographics prefer, and then publish your content on that platform wisely. Invest in search engine optimization to keep your business visible.Not only should you have frequently updated content, but quality is also important as viewers are becoming more savvy to online marketing. Posting online has its greatest reach when you keep up to date on the algorithm changes of the major search engines.

Realize that nowadays travelers, especially the millennials, are relying exclusively on their phones to make bookings. Your online content must be mobile-friendly or you will lose to the competition. The majority of travelers today do not make their full itinerary plans in advance; most don’t make reservations until the day of travel. Your website and mobile content must be short, concise, engaging and easy to navigate. A good method for attracting the mobile surfer is to offer discounts and special deals to those on mobile devices.

Tell a Good Story

Storytelling is more important to the traveler than dry facts. A vacation is about making memories; so put some imagination into your marketing. Your social media sites should not be primarily a platform for posting promotions, but rather stories about the location. Try using interviews, or blogging about local events to craft interesting and appealing narratives about your hotel and the area around it. Don’t make the text too lengthy, but do use sub-headers and photos to make content easy to digest.

Video is an increasingly effective method of marketing. Many consumers are turned off by lengthy text they must read and understand, but find it enjoyable and easy to watch a short video that has the additional benefit of showing your property and what it has to offer. Visual medial can convey much more information than a written article, and potential customers make a more emotional connection to visual content.

Try implementing a few of these strategies to keep your Hotel attractive in 2016.

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