New York Bagels


Reputation management company are aware of the overwhelming amount of bagel shops in New York but there is one that does stand out from the rest. It is situated in Brooklyn and is called Pops Bagels. The name is derived from the grandchildren referring to their grandfathers bagels as Pops Bagels. When they decided to open up a small bagel shop, that was the best suited name for the bakery. They made other things such as bread, pastries but bagels was their specialty. Pops Bagels was famous around country and whoever visited the city, always had to visit Pops Bagels before leaving the city. It was tradition to most visitors and whenever a local person bumped into a tourist, they always recommend to visit Pops Bagels.

This bagel place has become a landmark and attracts a lot of people to Brooklyn. It has only been opened for seven years; however, in that time, it achieved so much fame compared to any other bakery or restaurant thrive for in twenty years. The owner is none other than Pop himself and the recipe is a secret recipe passed down. Their sesame seed bagels are to die for but they also have six other flavours which are amazing as well. They have strawberry/lemon bagel, chocolate bagel, poppy seed bagel, raisin bagel, all dressed bagel, and cheese bagel. On top of that, they always have bagel of the month which is a weird bagel that will most likely never come back on the menu but can be ordered for big orders.

Online reputation management New York have been working on the social media aspect of the marketing campaign for them and it’s been working wonders. The marketing was specially designed to Canadians since they are the only ones who tend to think Montreal has the best bagels but this marketing campaign is opening up their minds in terms of trying these bagels. The interesting thing is that Pop was born and raised in Montreal Canada but moved to New York in 1975 due to the economic environment of Montreal. At the time, the US was doing much better in terms of jobs and housing market. Also, Montreal was more of a socialist city than New York.

Reputation management company New York has been working on a way to reach out to Canadians and they did in such a way that Canadians couldn’t refuse; they were polite. They had a Canadian talk to them in a very polite way and asked them to at least try the bagels and make up your mind after tasting the bagel. Shockingly, this video worked and many people started to show up from Canada. Some people drove all the way down just for the bagels and when spoke to the owner, they were given some free bagels and attire to promote Pops Bagels in Canada.

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