How to Get the Most Out of Your Money When Expanding Your Business


When you’re trying to get your business off the ground it can be difficult to market effectively while also sticking to your allotted budget. You have to decide what aspects of your company you want to focus on the most and what can wait until your revenue has increased. Going slowly seems like a sacrifice, and it’s one you’re likely willing to make after investing so much into your business already, but what if you didn’t have to wait to start on part of your marketing strategy? Thanks to the new markets beginning to open up online, you can focus on your business without compromising your financial plans.

Hire Outside of Your Main Office

While many choose to follow the traditional route of hiring a local individual full time to work on their marketing, it is actually more beneficial to hire online. Choosing to work with a full-service digital marketing agency offers a lot of benefits for your company. These services are catching on quickly – and here’s why:

They’re Cheaper

Though the initial cost may deter some business owners, if you look into the services offered you’ll realise that you’re actually saving quite a bit of money. When you hire someone locally, you’ll have to pay a full-time salary and benefits. While this may not seem like a problem initially, you’ll realise after a few weeks that digital marketing duties may not take up all of the work day. The person you hired may be very efficient in his or her work, but he or she will likely spend a lot of time trying to find more to do. The last thing you want when working towards expansion is to worry about wasted expenditures.

Hiring an online agency, however, solves many of these problems. Although you might only have the funds to hire one person to work full-time in your office, that same sum can be used to hire three or four people to work for you through an agency. This gives you a larger pool of talent to work with and they’ll be able to complete tasks more efficiently than any single person that you would be able to hire from a local pool of applicants. Additionally, you needn’t use them on a full time basis. Their ability to offer you completed services within a faster turnaround period means you may only have to pay them for a few hours of work per day.

Hiring online also lowers your in-house costs. When you hire from a local pool, you’ll need to supply all of the technology and software for your marketing strategist to work with. Additionally, you’ll be required to pay for all of the upgrades that your staff will need. An online agency takes care of these costs for you, leaving more money in your budget for other things.

If you’ve been thinking about how to expand your business, try looking into hiring an online agency. They’ll be sure to increase your productivity and lower your costs, allowing you to pursue your business goals without making any unnecessary sacrifices.

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