Be on Cloud Nine with Cloud-Based Data Entry


There are few things more essential to maintaining an efficient workplace than a streamlined, organised data entry system. No matter what your business is, you’re going to want the data which is pertinent to it to be both neatly organised and easily accessible. With the advent of computers, this task is now almost entirely a digitised one, creating a demand for programmes and services which assist in this process. This is a field that has changed a lot in the past decade with the growth of online businesses and the advent of online clouds. You’ll want to ensure that your current data entry systems are up to date with the latest trends, to ensure maximum efficiency and security. How can you go about doing that?

Cloud-Based Data Entry

Anyone who has ever suffered the misfortune of losing a flash drive, CD or—in the old days—the floppy disc which held vital information would be able to tell you what a problem that can be. The same is true of anyone who has ever experienced corrupted files or virus-ridden computers.

The solution?

Upload your data to an online cloud. Doing this goes a long way towards ensuring better security for your files. For one thing, losing external storage systems such as flash drives becomes a thing of the past, as do fears over files becoming corrupted because of an issue with your computer. While the latter can, of course, still happen, having your files uploaded to a cloud independent of the actual hardware of your computer can help protect them from all manner of online threats. Should your computer become infected, or the hardware begin to malfunction, there is still a version of your files which exists independently in that online cloud, thereby keeping all that sensitive information safe.

The Benefits of Better Access and Security

Saving data to an independent cloud makes it more easily accessible. You can save from your work computer, return home, and access the files from a completely different computer, and your coworkers can do the same.

While improved access is important when it comes to data entry, so too is maintaining a strong security system with which to protect the sensitive information making up said data. You don’t want clients’ phone numbers, the billing information for your employees, or other such personal information sitting in your system unprotected. In an age where computer hacking and cybercrime is a major concern, you can’t be too careful when it comes to storing your data. You’ll want to consider the need to balance better access and security when choosing a data entry and storage system. For example, SS&C offers the BenefiX – Benefits Data Exchange, which balances the need for security with ease of access.  It features Open API and emphasises structure mapping and value translation which are specific to your plan. Having a plan really is the key when it comes to efficient and safe data storage today.

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