5 Reasons Why You Need an Online Rental Application


Many people today access the internet through computers, smartphones, and other technological devices. In fact, research has shown that only 10 percent of Americans report that they don’t use the internet. Even demographic groups that are low in internet use, such as the elderly and affluent, have increased their internet use over time. The internet enables people to connect with family and friends on social networking sites, as well as instantly receive news alerts and information. Additionally, bills and fees can be paid online, buying and selling can be done online, and job applications and college applications can also be completed online. Another kind of application that ought to be done online is a rental application.

Online rental applications make the renting process easier and more efficient. The internet is such a vital tool today, and landlords should take advantage of the ways it can benefit business. To ensure success, landlords should make sure that when renting out properties, they have the best online rental application form to use.

Encourage more applicants

Landlords should use the internet to spread the word about their property listings. More people use the internet than do not, so the online marketing and advertising of properties available for rent could be successful in reaching many people in many locations in a short amount of time. This is beneficial because in the past decade, the number of renters in the United States has increased. Many people use the internet to conduct searches and do some house hunting, and it would be easier for them— and more impressive—if their online searches led them directly to available properties of interest.

If landlords used the technology offered by landlord software, for example, they could post and share direct links to pages for their listed properties on websites or social media sites. Interested prospective renters could click on these links and be directly invited to complete an online application. Online applications enable more people to learn about properties and apply to them directly, which results in more applications in a shorter amount of time.

Easier tenant screening

Of course, being able to reach more applicants means having to sift through more applicants. Luckily for landlords, online applications allow them to instantly receive requested background information once the applicant approves the screening request. Online applications with online screening can provide information such as credit scores and any outstanding loans, criminal records, and any past evictions. Having fast access to this information allows landlords to make a quick and informed decision on which applicant would be an ideal tenant.

Efficiency and effectiveness

Online applications make the renting process faster. Interested applicants can complete online applications at any time that is convenient for them, from any mobile device. This is more efficient than having to drive to a landlord’s office and fill out paperwork; the landlord automatically receives the application. Online applications are more effective and benefit the landlord as well, because applicants can be screened, and applications can be viewed from any device at any time. Using the internet allows landlords to view multiple applications at once and compare them to determine which applicant would make a more ideal tenant. This increases the efficiency of rental processes for landlords who have more than one property available to rent.

 Easier record keeping

Not only is the renting process faster with online applications, but it is easier to track. When applicants complete an online application, they upload all relevant documents into their application. All of an applicant’s information and documents are stored together, which prevents the loss of any documents or the confusion of one applicant’s documents with another’s.

Ensured completeness

Another benefit of implementing an online rental application form is that applicants will not be able to submit an application unless they have completed all its sections and have uploaded all required documents. This ensures that an application is thoroughly completed. The online method eliminates incomplete applications and documents being sent through the mail only to be delivered days later. With Turbo Tenant, for example, applicants can upload all necessary documents directly into their application for the landlord to access immediately. This is just one of the many reasons why top industry players rely on this tool.

The widespread use of the Internet has benefited many businesses, and the home rental business is certainly one of them. Online applications allow landlords to work more efficiently in reviewing applications and making informed decisions about who to rent a property to. If it fits their rental style, landlords can meet applicants face to face to have a discussion before finalizing any decisions, a step that would come after the expedited online application.

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