iFOREX is More than a Robust Trading Application


The iFOREX trading app goes well beyond providing customers with a robust trading application. The company offers a web based and mobile platform that is strait forward. Their platform is offered in several different languages. They have nearly 90-currency pairs that are traded on the iFOREX platform. Their research and trading tools are a strong point, and they provide excellent educational tools.

Investment Product

The iFOREX trading platform offers nearly 90-currency pairs, along with commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies and ETFs.The ETFs are trading in CFD format and allow traders to invest in different equity sectors including financials, technology and energy shares. Unlike other brokers in this space, iForex also offers a range of soft commodities including soybeans, wheat, corn, cocoa, coffee, and cotton.

Reliable Customer Service

iFOREX prides itself on providing top of the line customer support. One of the most important features is their remote support assistance. This allows customer support technicians to share your screen and help you with any issue immediately. Online chat is available for both new and existing clients. All clients can receive customer support and technical assistance. The company offers phone support globally.

Investment Research

The research that iFOREX offers provide insights into investment decision. The iForex research is quite comprehensive. They offer a news and analysis section that provides real-time breaking news along with fundamental and technical analysis. iForexhas an economic calendar with important macroeconomic  and monetary policy releasees that can affect markets. They offer sentiment date which provides confidence related to financial products.

Educational Portal

A good education section is important for both novice and expert traders. Topics that range from risk management to trading execution are available. The iFOREXapp educational products information for major trading products such as CFDs. There is also information about technical analysis and several videos that beginning traders which can help you get started. iFOREX also has a resource section that offers a wide variety of informative resources suitable for all investors. The articles cover many topics, from trading basics to advanced trading strategies. The trading topics that are covered range from “what is a stop loss” to “how do you trade CFDs”.


iFOREX offers a web-based trading platform, as well as a mobile platform. The mobile app, looks a lot like the web application, and most of the functionality is similar. Each provide provides real-time market rates and execution capabilities. This allows you to seamlessly manage your risk while you are in your office or if you are on the go. Some of the key features include access to real-time balances, equity and margin details.  The charting capabilities on both platforms are robust. Additionally, you can use a demonstration account on both platforms allowing you to test drive your trading strategy before you begin to risk your capital. The demo account also allows you to fine tune your execution capabilities and learn from mistakes without losing money.

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