Importance of back testing your trading strategy


How often have you come across great plans in mind? We bet this happens frequently in forex. In the biggest investment world, it is natural for the brain to go overthink once deposit has been made. Every day, new people are entering the winning ratio is not increasing. From various sites, it has been estimated that only 5% of the investors go home with profit in hands. Others end up losing the capital and sometimes have to return empty-handed. A major tool in determining success is the method which is going to be used. This is known as the strategy and it is essential for success. Although the importance, people like to go safe by copying the styles of professionals. It is only a matter of time before the fund is lost.

Checking the developed plan is an essential step for all levels of traders. It ensures that the method is standard and can deliver the expected results. Although there will be some deviations from time to time, it can be accepted as normal. This post will talk about some important tricks which will help to check out a strategy.

Run the program in various volatility

This is a common mistake made by the beginners. Instead of trading in different situations, they wait for a particular movement to test the system. The market is evolving, the system needs to cope with the changes. There is no guarantee the volatility will remain the same forever when you place the trade. It is better to lose virtual money than losing the actual fund. As every volatility has different patterns, design some style before commencing the practice. Keep a diary of the results. At the end of the month, evaluate and put the new learnings into use. If you are a day trader, do not be confined to this session only. Focus on using the same strategy in long-term trading to see if this has any improvements. In the beginning, there are many errors which need to be rectified. By running through various situations, more flaws can be identified.

Demo trade the market

You can also use the demo trading platform offered by Saxo to backtest your trading strategy. Saxo provides high-end trading tools to the retail traders and by using these tools, the novice Aussie traders can easily fine-tune their trading system. Things might be a little bit hard at the initial stage, but once you learn to trade the market in a demo environment, it won’t take much time to establish your skills as a professional currency trader. Take your time and try to understand the nature of this business to become a successful trader. And always backtest your trading strategy in a demo account.

Bring small changes one at a time

It allows to individually test every detail of a blueprint. It saves time, easier to find out the flaws and the rectifications are generally faster. Every time there is a new trend, it is somewhat different than in the past. This proves this sector is evolving, therefore, a static method is not the best choice. Focus on small details that might have been ignored. Most of the time, it is the smallest things that matter. The right way of advancing a technique without harming the core structure is by installing small upgrades. Do not rush as it will completely changing the plot. Observe the result and compare with the previous ones. This comparison will help to understand if there are any improvements or performance is downgrading. Keep in mind it needs time for new parts to show effects.

Look out for consistency and quality, repetition is not importance

A major mistake is looking out for repetition of same results with the same technique. it takes time to understand the random winnings. By the time people got the concept, they have no money left. Make sure this same.

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