Thinking about Selling your current property and Buying a New Home?


The decision to sell your current home and buy a new property is a massive one and something that needs to be discussed with family members and planned thoroughly before you even start!  Do your homework, keep up with and read News on house surveys and any information on House survey news that you can get hold of. Get several valuations of your house before putting it on the market, look at house prices of properties in the areas you are thinking of moving to.  Look carefully at finances, talk to your Bank or Building Society if you are going to need a new Mortgage or an extension of your current loan.

If you are already a Homeowner looking to sell your house and move to a bigger/smaller property then having your current home Sold has big advantages when it comes to putting in an offer on the new place you want to buy. With No Chain at your end the homeowners of your new dream home will look on your offer more favourably and the move should be quicker and easier to complete.

Decide on an affordable budget not only for the purchase price of the new property but all the other expenses that are involved in a house move. Once you’ve found your potential dream home go and view it at several different times of the day so you get a true picture of the neighborhood.  If everything looks good, put your plans in place and make that move.

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