What is a Cattle Trailer?


Cattle trailers are a non-motorised type of trailer that is attached to the rear of your vehicle for transporting cattle. There are various different types and models to choose from, which will all depending on your preferences and requirements. A cattle trailer has an open bay interior for loading and transporting cattle ad can house different numbers of cattle according to design all with a step ramp for loading at the rear of the trailer.

A ball hitch coupler attaches to a ball under or on the rear end bumper of the towing vehicle and many are fitted with a tongue jack to raise or lower the coupler for an easier connection. Depending on how often you are going to use your cattle trailers, there are many upgrades for bumper pull trailers to suit all of  your needs and they come in big or standard stalls. One of the most important things to consider is if you wish for slant loading or straight loading type.

Loading Types

What is known as a “slant-load”cattle trailer, loads the cattle so they can stand at an angle with padded partitions between each animal. These are better for smaller animals, as larger cattle will prefer the roomier, straight load stalls. A big benefit of the slant load trailer type is that your cattle can lower their heads and breathe more comfortably and naturally. Their muscles will be more relaxed in this kind of position also. In the straight-load stalls, there is a fitted shelf in front of the animals for feeding.

Due to these trailers attaching in the bed of a truck, it gives more stability and a larger turning radius. The trailers do not sway while driving down the motorway so the animals do not have to keep themselves positioned for balance. These cattle trailers can come in a range of sizes ranging from two stalls to five. All of them have good ventilation systems, ramp loading and large, comfortable stalls. The larger gooseneck or fifth wheel trailers have sturdy side loading ramps so that cattle can easily load and unload head first without having to worry about backing out.

Modern Designs and Popularity

Usually, the animals will face forward and backward with one on the side. For those who like the slant-load models, they can comfortably fit 6-8 animals. As you may have seen, the modern design of cattle trailers has certainly changed over the years and nowadays there’s a lot more safety and security involved when transporting cattle upon the nation’s roads.

If you are moving cattle on a regular basis, you can easily justify purchasing your own trailer instead of having to hire one. The costs are now at an affordable price and with the upgrades over the years, you can see why more and more people are purchasing their own. When you transport your own cattle, it assures you that they are comfortable and safe during travelling.

With the new standards and options available, trailers have reached a new dimension in transporting.

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