Modern Fencing Solutions for the Construction Industry


All building sites, whether large or small, must erect adequate temporary fencing to keep out unauthorised people, and with safety in mind, it is necessary to fence off the site perimeters. This is just one of the many things the site manager would have to organise, and he would likely have an alliance with a local fencing contractor who would provide the service whenever it is required.

Stand Alone Temporary Fencing

Modern solutions make for easy fencing, with clips on either side of each unit, it is very easy to create the right line of fencing, and with stand-alone units, there is no need to hammer in posts, which is both time consuming and costly. If your business is Yorkshire based, there is affordable temporary fencing in Bradford from a reputable and established supplier. The beauty of such a system is that it can be easily assembled and added to, and with gating, you can create the ideal barrier.

Long or Short Term Rentals

Ideally, the supplier would be very flexible regarding hiring out temporary fencing and gating, and with affordable rates, you can keep the site safe without exceeding your budget. The fencing might have to be moved regularly, but with a modern, connectable system, relocating is easy, and this gives you the flexibility you need on a construction site.

Create Safe Walkways

If there is work being carried out above ground level, it is imperative to create safe walkways, which will keep people from passing directly under the work zone. If a heavy item were to be accidentally dropped, you want to sure there are no people in the immediate vicinity, and even a dropped screwdriver could be potentially fatal.

Range of Accessories

The fencing supplier would stock a wide range of accessories, such as backstays, which give the panel stability, and rubber feet locators to ensure the fencing has a solid foundation, and because rubber is used, there will be no damage to flooring. You might need some extra clips or stabilisers, and with bespoke designs available, there isn’t an area that you cannot partition.

Online Suppliers

The site manager would have a million and one things to do every day, and with an online fencing supplier, you can order your temporary fencing using your smartphone, and with rapid response, the fencing can be delivered very quickly. Most builders would have the fencing contractor’s number handy at all times, and with a reliable partner, the builder can rest assured that all the sites are fenced as required.

An established supplier would assemble and dismantle the fencing whenever it is needed, and they will also deliver, although the panels will fit in a short based Transit, if you prefer to collect them yourself. The staff would be friendly and efficient, ensuring that your schedule is in no way affected, and with customer satisfaction a priority, they would do what they could to ensure a quick and efficient installation. If you ever require temporary fencing, for whatever occasion, an online search should put you in touch with a supplier.

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