Top tips for moving


Try putting “moving scam” stories into a search engine, and you will find some terrible tales of what happened to a house move gone haywire! And not only from afar, but maybe in the same vicinity as yourselves! If you’re thinking of moving, you will need to know how not to get ripped off by any dodgy removal companies, and what are the major red flags that you may be dealing with a possible unethical company.

So as to prevent you from losing any of your possessions and/or money to villainous companies, it would be in your best interests to follow these simple tips:

  • Go online and look for any reviews, and not only on the removal company’s web site. The Internet has given us a very easy to use window on making our lives so much easier, so use it! Check out what other customers have to say about particular companies.
  • Research and look for any previous scams. It won’t take long at all on a search engine and will save you any misery later on. Simply type in the company’s name with ‘scam’ at the end of your search query. This will show you if there have been any complaints about the company you’re thinking of using. Anything negative? Then move on to another one. If you’re seeking experienced and reliable removal experts, make sure to employ the very best in home and business removals in Hampshire.
  • Obtain a quote and write it down. The best companies out there will easily provide you with a written estimate, which will include both the price and the service. If a company tells you that a quote over the phone is ‘somewhere around that figure,’ be careful. That may be a sign that they hike up the charge later on, after the move, without a warning.
  • Only pay out money when a document is provided. Should there be any problems later on, you will then have your claims backed up with the signed document. In the past, there have even been awful stories out there of immoral companies asking their customers to sign blank papers. And sadly some naive people did. Just ensure sure that the company provides you with a signed document that discloses all the services and price, plus has the company details on it.
  • Don’t be shy and get all the nitty-gritty details known about beforehand. Ask all the right questions and should you wish for a good night’s rest, make sure to leave no question unasked. This includes questions related to the relocation process, the pricing, and what all of it is being spent on, what kind of vehicle, and every else that you might be concerned about. Remember that con artists are bad with specifics, so if you notice that any of your questions are not being answered properly, then it might just be a good to contact another company.

Do all of the above and your move will go just fine.

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