Here are the Best Tips to Find Rental House without Broker in Mumbai


The fast passed life of Mumbai does not give you time even battle an eyelash leave alone search for a house on rent in peace. Most of us tend to take a short-cut and approach brokers as they take away our headache, but also make us shell out a lot of money.

So, in order to make things pocket-friendly, house for rent in Mumbai, you can try these tricks and save your hard earned money

OLX and Quikr– While most of us know these apps for buying and selling, people have also started renting space via these. You can download the app and start looking for houses on rent in Mumbai without a broker. You will come across plenty of locations that you can filter from according to your needs like furnishing, location, distance and facilities provided.

Social Media– Social media has connected the whole world into one family and you can use it to your advantage. Go and post a status on your Facebook wall or join pages that cater to renting houses in Mumbai. You can post queries there, scroll down and contact a few people who have given their mobile number and make sure to check out the house you’re planning to rent in person a few days prior to moving in.

NestAway-If you’re looking for a fully furnished house, ready for you to move in, you can register on NestAway. The site provides well-furnished house on rent in Mumbai without brokerage with a working wifi and DTH at a mere deposit of two-months. What more can you ask for? All you need to do is finalize a house and move in with your bag and baggage. They also provide two free house services every month.

Classified Ads– While you read the newspaper in the morning, go through the classified section and circle the ads about houses on rent in Mumbai without brokers. You’ll have to be careful with your segregation as many of the ads given there may have the contact of the broker and not the owners. So make sure you get in touch with landlords directly and not with brokers.

Ask Locals– If you haven’t got any leads, you should ask your local friends and colleagues for help. Since they belong to the city, they will be able to advise you on how and where to take a house on rent so that it is situated in a good locality close to your workplace or college, as the case may be. It is also quite possible that someone else in your office, who is also an outsider, is looking for a house on rent in Mumbai without a broker, and you look for a place together and become colleagues and roomies. Communication is the key here.

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