Three Unusual Shrink Wrapping Stories


Shrink wrapping is a popular packaging method all over the world, with many suppliers available to cater for companies needs such as  It is a process that uses clear plastic film and heat to tightly seal and secure products of a wide variety, offering many benefits and advantages. However, over the past year or so, shrink wrapping has be used in a plethora of surprising ways – from a man shrink wrapping his entire home, to scientists growing baby lambs in shrink wrap bags. Today we are going to be listing three incredibly shrink wrap stories for all.

Guy Shrink Wraps Entire Home

 After getting divorced one man from America decided to shrink wrap his entire home! Why did he do this? Todd decided to shrink wrap his home because he was looking to sell it and in turn wanted it to be as clean as possible. In an attempt to get more money for his house, the divorcee protected his entire home in plastic shrink wrap film, including the floors, banisters and toilets – nothing was left un-wrapped. Some people think that this is shrink-wrapping gone too far, but who are we to judge, at least Todd can sleep at night knowing that he has the cleanest house in the neighbourhood.

 Premature lambs kept alive in shrink wrap bags

Scientists have recently been able to keep premature lambs alive for weeks using artificial wombs in which highly resemble shrink wrap bags. In the bags the lambs were provided with everything that they needed to continue growing and maturing, including a nutrient-rich blood supply and amniotic fluid. It is thought that this approach may one day be able to help premature babies have a better chance of survival and according to researchers in a few years’ time human trials could be made available. This is something in which could change the world forever. Animal trials will continue for now, until professionals feel as though success rate for children it high enough,

 Photographer takes snaps of shrink wrapped couples

A Japanese photographer called Haruhiko Kawagucji shocked the world with his shrink wrapping efforts – Shrink wrapping couples for photoshoots. The photographer is known to hang out in bars until he sees people on interest and then ask them to participate in his ‘weird’ photoshoots. When being photographed couples are told to hold their breaths before the shrink wrapping takes place, and keep their breaths held until they are released – this is a very dangerous process. Although this is incredibly dangerous and people face the risk of dying, the photographer is in popular demand and many couples across the world wish for him to photograph them.

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