How a Strong Security Presence can truly benefit Your Business


Theft, burglary, and vandalism are a part of reality – something that small businesses have to deal with far too often. In fact, it’s becoming more and more frequent, and it is perhaps a sign of times to come. Your business may not be a high risk target (as banks or other institutions are), but on the other hand, it’s virtually guaranteed that if one crime has happened on the premises of your enterprise (no matter how small or benign), the trend is more likely to go up if you don’t take appropriate measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. That’s exactly the reason why so many small enterprises opt for extra security measures. Here’s how a strong security presence can truly benefit your business.


Having a security guard at the premises is a perfect visual deterrent to any would-be criminal with less-than-honorable plans. Even if the security officer is not immediately visible, he or she will be able to respond very quickly to any suspicious actions or behavior to prevent the crime from happening. Often the presence of a trained and qualified person is enough to send the perpetrators running away.

Increased sense of safety

The fact that a security officer is present is not only a great deterrent; it also provides a better working atmosphere because of the increased sense of security and safety the personnel and staff get. This increased worker morale automatically leads to a more pleasant working environment, and this in turn leads to increased productivity.


Not all active security officers are on patrol or are out on surveillance of the premises – a professional guard may be monitoring video, CCTV, checking for contraband, checking credentials, or restricting people from accessing an area. The security guard, such as a security guard Plymouth from Titan Security, does whatever is required to maintain peace and order.

Customer service

A security officer is also a great ambassador for your business and can welcome and guide visitors to the person whom they wish to see. It’s a wonderful way of organising traffic on and off the premises.

For the record

Aside from handling incidents as they happen, guards are also invaluable in providing information for the record in cases where investigations are needed.

If you are a business owner and are worried about the security of your business, be aware that a security guard and other security personnel do much more than keep your enterprise safe – they assist in making sure your business runs as smoothly as possible. Not only do they prevent crime and act if a crime does indeed happen, they also make sure your business is the best it can be. It’s about safety, about customer service, and about the increase in employee morale that the improvements bring.


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