Should Students use Templates when making a CV?


As students, we are always busy multitasking between studies, partying and pursuing hobbies. This means that there is not a lot of time left in the week to do much else apart from the routine, however, when the time has come to apply for jobs, whether it be to make ends meet as a student or just to have a bit of extra income coming in, having an up to date on hand is always great to have. Hence why CV Templates for students can prove to be a very simple guide to making a CV in minutes.

Where to look for Templates?

When looking for anything on the internet, we are immediately inundated with a variety of choices by which we need to decipher which one meets our requirements most. This can always seem like quite a challenge, especially when you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. When researching for good CV Templates, it is important to keep in mind most of the websites that offer this service will have a plethora of templates and CV’s to choose from. At first this can seem great as you are able to choose from a wider choice, however in most scenarios, the quality of the templates is usually poor and the structures proposed do not meet the requirements of the local markets for which they are meant to service. This is a crucial element as a template for France and the United Kingdom will differ as employers and recruiters in each country have a different set of requirements to follow.

To pay or not to pay?

The initial reaction most people will have when reason this question is why should I pay? In today’s environment, with so much choice available from which to choose from, it can be assumed a free template can easily be found that will meet all your needs. Whilst numerous CV Templates can be found for free on the internet, they often come with constraints that can be frustrating for anyone, especially students seeking to rapidly build a document. Free templates lack flexibility and most often don’t allow you to make amendments once you have downloaded the CV from the website. Paying for a template which will give you a ready CV in the space of 10 minutes with little hassle, allowing you to concentrate on finding suitable job positions is a good investment. As most CV Templates cost between £3 and £5, it is hardly a sum that will set you back too much! Well apart if you would have prefered to spend it on a tequila shot instead!

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