Here’s a quick way to get a home loan. Know how


The way people apply for a loan today reflects their digital lifestyle. Technology has an enormous impact on our life that we carry out most financial transactions fully or partially online. This is owing to increase in the use of mobile phones. Banks meet their customers’ changing borrowing preferences by providing integrated digital lending capabilities through a loans app, which offer easy mobile experiences. Through this app, you can apply for a home loan easily from anywhere.

The IDFC FIRST Bank’s Loans App offers a differentiated experience of completing a home loan application on your mobile phone instantly. You can access and read the loan documents and upload the completed ones on your smartphone. Moreover, you also get to know your home loan eligibility and the loan application decision on your smartphone. You can apply for a home loan on the IDFC FIRST Bank’s Loans App on easy terms and get it approved within a day.

How to use the IDFC FIRST Bank Loan App to obtain a home loan?

Digitalization has gone far enough for you to skip a visit to the bank to know the eligibility for a home loan and other requirements. Using the IDFC FIRST Bank’s Instant Loans App, you can find your eligibility and approved loan amount by providing some basic details such as your mobile number, name, location and email address. Apart from this, the loan app helps you with:

Easy and hassle-free application process

Once you have the digital approval of your home loan, you can proceed further by applying for it online. For new customers, they should download the IDFC FIRST Bank’s loan app from the Play Store or App Store and log in using their User ID and Password. Once you have registered with the app of one of the best banks for home loans, you can know your eligibility and receive a provisional approval.   

Next, you can apply for a housing loan by providing your personal details such as the name, address, date of birth, email address, registered mobile number, employment status and PAN Card and Aadhaar Card details.  Along with the completed application, you need to submit the supporting documents to receive a home loan sanction letter.

Choose a flexible loan amount and tenure

Whether you are salaried or self-employed, you can apply for a home loan up to Rs. 5 crores based on your eligibility. The IDFC FIRST Bank Loan app also helps you choose a suitable tenure between 12 months and 360 months depending on your ability to repay the EMI amount.

Competitive interest rate

IDFC FIRST Bank is one of the few prominent banks that offer home loans at an attractive home loan interest rate. It also offers FastTrack balance transfer facility, as well as top-up or additional top-up loans at competitive interest rates.

Access the app anytime

The loan app allows you to access it anytime to find any details about your home loan. You can check the eligible amount, down payment, processing charges, home loan interest rates, and so on anytime. Other than these, you can also track your home loan application status.

Quick processing

With the IDFC FIRST Bank Loan App, you can have a quick processing of your loan application. The online process helps you to check the loan eligibility, use the home loan EMI calculator to calculate your affordable EMI, learn the terms and conditions, upload the duly filled-in application with supporting documents and receive the loan approval within a few hours or days.

IDFC FIRST Bank through its instant loans app deliver quick financial solutions that help meet the modern lifestyles of people in every way possible.  

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