Securing New Clients At Corporate Events


Being a senior business executive or maybe even business owner means you’re probably required to meet with clients on a regular basis. And when it’s their business you’re trying to win, it’s likely that both the organisation and financial requirements are your responsibility. This means corporate events are something you need to get right. Corporate events that win success usually deliver more than just talk of business benefits, they impress clients by your ability to hold the event at an impressive venue with a fine spread.

Not all client meetings are related to winning new business. Some are held just to keep face, and when socialising is on the agenda to make sure your relationships remain healthy – both professional and personal – you need to make sure you and your clients have some fine dining to dive into. Being a beautiful beach tourist resort, Brighton is a commonly used destination for client meetings. If you’re looking for Brighton-based corporate caterers, Red Anywhere have the expertise to accommodate all catering requirements.

Different Ways To Impress Clients

Even if the main purpose of the event is to subtly win your potential client’s business, clients or guests will no doubt be expecting a high-quality spread of some sort, whether it’s custom menus by professional chefs, exquisite buffets or a selection of unique cocktails.

  • Bespoke menus to impress clients – Corporate events, especially when it means potentially winning big business, are something you’re unlikely to stick to a very small budget to entertain. Important clients that could provide a small fortune to your business will definitely be impressed by a custom menu, designed by a professional chef which is worthy of a high-end restaurant.
  • A buffet to socialise – Custom menus, bespoke and designed especially for individual clients, are sure to impress. But, depending on who you’re entertaining and how well you know them, a professionally prepared buffet could be a great way to bond. If you throw a full spread, you’ll convey a business owner who’s already achieved success, and who’s not aren’t afraid to pull out all the stops to build a connection with a new client.
  • Add a little alcohol to spice up the event – Offering a potential client who could add tremendous value to your business a large glass of lager is probably unlikely to reflect professionalism. However, as the event progresses, unique cocktails which are enjoyed for their flavour could be a great way to round off the day.

Corporate events sound boring to those who don’t think of inventive ways to make them exciting. Business is serious, and benefits for all parties involved are the necessary outcome from corporate events. However, making them successful doesn’t necessarily just require the usual corporate jargon spiel, they can be enhanced by including a few luxuries into the meeting. Fine dining, formal occasion made cocktails and expert chefs provided by an expert catering company could help you secure a new client.

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