Plantation Coffee exports -Selling premium grades globally, cutting-out the middlemen


One of the natural bounties of the lush mountains of central Nicaragua is its most aromatic, premium, high-quality coffee varieties. This rich quality is attributed to a variety of factors, one important credit being on account of the two primary reasons besides many others – a humid climate at those elevated altitudes along with the nutrient rich volcanic soil.

Typically, the coffee cherries intended to be processed naturally are handpicked initially and then usually dried for an extended period, the norm being while retaining the enveloping pulp and mucilage. Subsequent to that, the red colored cherries are re-processed. The last step being when the yellow shaded cherries being picked, pulped, the mucilage washed off, and the beans are then dried.

Following that, the beans are sold on to local roasteries, middle-men, and all manner of traders, who then further sell the merchandise to local retailers, however the majority is sold onto to foreign or overseas buyers from US, Europe, Middle and the Far East. However, this long line of intermediaries has a detrimental impact on the bottom-line of the individual plantation owners and coffee grower’s co-operatives. And it was to reverse this loss of revenue, and go direct to overseas buyers, that one plantation owner, a Spanish speaking native of Nicaragua, decided to search for a Translation Agency like dubai translation services and monetize the maximum solely on his beans.

Since 8 months to the day, as of the time of publishing this article, Mr. Juan (name changed), our client, has received our very best professional services – including re-doing his old “dilapidated” website in Spanish, adding a multitude of languages to the digital coffee beans selling shop, subtitling of video content dealing with coffee production at his plantation, helping out with professional correspondence in English, German, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese to respective International Coffee buying companies in corresponding countries. Mr. Juan is now a very regular client, and is expected to visit our offices within the fortnight, on the sidelines of his holidaying with family to Dubai.

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