Searching for Credit Union Near Me? InRoads Has What You’re Looking For


Whether joining a credit union is something you’ve considered for a long time, something you’ve done in the past, or an idea that is very new to you, it’s likely that you have a great many questions. Why should I join a credit union? How do I choose the best credit union near me? Is a credit union really better than a bank? How do I get started?

We’re here to answer those questions for you and to tell you why InRoads Credit Union has exactly what you’re looking for.

Why Choose a Credit Union?

What’s the difference between a bank and a credit union, anyway? Well, the main difference is that credit unions are non-profit institutions. Banks, on the other hand, are decidedly not. In fact, banks, especially big national chain banks, will do everything they can to squeeze money out of you, the customer. Credit unions, on the other hand, do not exist solely to earn as much money as possible.

Another great benefit of credit unions over banks is that they’re more than simply not-for-profit organizations. They’re democratically run. That means, should you join a credit union like InRoads, you’ll have a voice in the way the credit union is run. There’s a reason the people who join credit unions are called “members”: because that’s exactly what they are. Each member’s voice carries equal weight in the credit union.

Because a credit union is comprised of members, and because it’s a non-profit organization, any profits the credit union makes are distributed back to the members. As a result, you’ll see lower fees, more favorable rates, and higher average returns than at the national level.

What Kind of Services Can I Get at a Credit Union?

Chances are, you’ll be able to get any service you need at your local credit union. Are you trying to save up for retirement? InRoads can help you with that. Is it your dream to start up your own small business? InRoads can help you with that too; small business loans are a specialty of ours. Maybe you’re just looking to save up for a big vacation. InRoads will help you achieve that dream too.

At InRoads, we’ll truly be able to help with anything you need: make direct deposits or cable and wire deposits; take out a mortgage or vehicle loans; bank online for quick and easy service; earn high interest rates on your savings accounts, as well as your CDs and money market accounts. Your credit union will also feature notary services, investment services, and even financial education and counseling services.

Financial security is also a priority at InRoads Credit Union. Your savings are insured up to $250,000 to keep you safe from fraud and other problems. You’ll be able to rest easy, knowing your financial future is in good hands.

What About Insurance?

InRoads also offers financial protection for its members. That means insurance, should you make use of their services. For example, if you add Member Protection to any loan, you’ll be covered should any protected life events happen. That means InRoads will help you continue to make your payments if you’re no longer able to, due to involuntary unemployment or loss of life or disability—including those caused by acts of war.

Credit Unions and Technology

One fear people have about credit unions is that they’re making use of outdated technology, which means they lack the conveniences that modern banks have. People assume that because the big for-profit banks have plenty of income, they’re the only ones who can access the latest in technology to streamline the financial process.

However, this is a misconception. When you join a credit union like InRoads, you’ll find that you have access to online banking, apps on your phone, and other convenient features, such as direct deposit. In today’s world, even small and non-profit institutions have no problem bringing the latest technology to their clients.

The Best Part: Personal Attention

If you entrust your finances to a large chain bank, you might have the convenience of ATMs being everywhere, but the benefits essentially stop there. To a large bank, you’re simply a series of numbers on a spreadsheet somewhere. They don’t concern themselves with your financial future if it doesn’t involve a profit for them.

Especially if you’re a bit of a beginner in the world of finances, you’re going to need some personal attention to help you get going. One of the biggest benefits of joining a credit union like InRoads is the personal attention you’ll receive. Join up with them and enjoy a relationship with your financial organization. You will receive the help and advice you need when making financial decisions, large or small.

Who Can Join?

Many people worry that because credit unions have “members,” they’re picky or restrictive about who can join. Fortunately, this is another misconception! It’s really not difficult at all to join your local credit union. If you’re looking to join up, you’ll need to find one that is in your area. Simply type, “credit union near me,” into a search engine, and look for branches that can serve you.

If you live, work, attend school, volunteer, or worship in Columbia, Clatsop, Cowlitz, Multnomah, or Washington County, you are eligible to join InRoads Credit Union. If you have immediate family who are members of InRoads, you’ll also be eligible to join. That means parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, stepparents, stepchildren, spouses, or siblings.

Getting Started at the Best Credit Union Near Me

If you’ve decided it’s time to become a member at InRoads, congratulations! Simply head to our website to start the process of joining up. You can also call or even just walk into any branch of InRoads Credit Union to get the ball rolling. You will be a member of an organization devoted to the financial well-being of both you and your family.

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