Best Ways to Organize the Garage


There is no one best solution for organizing the garage. That’s why there are multiple garage shelving ideas to consider, depending on your particular needs. The following are some tips to consider in organizing the garage and allowing it to be of better use:

Create a Customizable System.

You can visit any sporting goods store and you will find several vertical slats that contain various hooks and bins that can be arranged according the display requirements. It’s possible to include this on your customizable garage system and warehouse pallet racking Melbourne. It can be done over a weekend, and it can be easily changed as your needs pile up.

Make sure you stack bins in a convenient way.

Plastic storage bins are a popular means to separate and segregate all your equipment according to season and/or to any category you desire. More often these bins are simply stacked against a wall, which can make it hard to access the bottom part of these bins. This is particularly true for those members of the household who are not that tall. You can consider using bins of various colors for every activity sport or hobby. It is also great to use the wooden frame for accessory items such as fishing rod holders and utility hooks that can be used for further organization.

Use the garage ceiling for storage.

You can make sure that all the storage bins are lifted off the garage floor and stored on its ceiling. All you have to do is use 2x2s and screw them on the ceiling framing with 3-1/2-in. screws that are spaced every two feet. It’s a great place to store light to medium weight items such as camping gear and holiday decors that are used only in season.

Put more open shelves than closed cabinets.

Open shelves are not that expensive, and they are highly accessible. It is not also necessary to add more space for clearance to swing the doors. This will also enable you to scan easily all the items that you have stored. Closed cabinets will also give you the excuse to stay disorganized as the doors can easily hide the chaos. These can be used only to protect items from dirt and airborne dust.

You can also go deep by putting more drawers.

Make sure to have handy pull out drawers that are extra deep which will store all cleaning supplies. It is also a good storage area for huge items.

Magnets are also a great help for tool organization.

You can make use of every inch of space on metal shelves by attaching several magnets on them to use for small tools like pliers, tin cans, and paint samples. Through this type of storage, the items are made more visible. It also offers more storage space and enhances functionality.

Upcycling the storage.

Scrap wood often contributes to clutter in the garage, especially after a huge construction project. To help with the organization, you may add casters on an old toy chest, or you may opt to build a chest using the wood scraps.

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