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Rec 2 Rec London is a significant contributor to many industries in the United Kingdom. Founded to make it easier for recruiters to locate talent in all sectors, they help small and large organisations to function effectively.

Rec 2 Rec Improves Efficiency

Most recruitment companies rely on the unique network of each recruiter on their team. The size of each recruiter’s network in turn is directly related to the number of years they have been in the sector.

R2R makes younger agencies more competitive by immediately expanding their network. They have access to the same number of contacts available to much more established organisations. Similarly, agencies consisting of less than five recruiters can utilise the same network in their search as a company with over 20 agents.

As R2R instantly broadens the range of the network available to each recruiter, it also diversifies the network. Companies that may have previously focused on recruiting IT candidates may broaden their scope. With the contacts accessible to them in other niches via R2R, they can match clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

Recruitment to Recruitment Saves Money

Recruiters who include Rec 2 Rec in their business strategy usually find that their profits increase significantly. This is because they expend less of their own resources on the search for the ideal candidate for a post.

The fees they pay allow them to spend more of their time on other critical areas of their business. The candidates who are being courted are placed under less stress since most R2R agencies focus on making them feel comfortable.

With more recruiting personnel interacting with each candidate, it is more likely that the true career goals of a candidate will be discovered. Candidates who receive more personal contact remain in their posts for a longer time. They experience a higher level of job satisfaction.

Choosing The Best R2R for Your Needs

There are many R2R companies in operation today. A few recruiters are hesitant about utilising these services for the first time. Caution and discretion will help recruiters to make the right selection and ensure that the confidentiality of their clients is always maintained.

The Recruitment to Recruitment agency you choose should be one that demonstrates an understanding of the overall culture of the sector you recruit in. They should also understand the culture of different companies. An awareness of the potential for expansion in each business is essential.

Demonstrated skill in all of these areas helps to build trust. It makes it easy for each R2R to build rapport with potential candidates, ensuring that they are confident that their professional needs have been considered.


Good recruiters seek to maintain quality relationships. In turn, they use these relationships to match candidates with the companies that are the best fit for them. The R2R sector has grown by helping recruiters to build their networks, saving time and generating greater profits year after year. This type of outsourcing allows recruitment agencies of all sizes to compete on a more level playing field.

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