Most Capable SUV of India- Ford Freestyle


Ford, one of the oldest motor companies out there has made an indelible imprint in our minds and gained our unwavering trust over the years through consistently delivering in terms of developing unparalleled machines making perfectionist critiques swoon over the works of art they’ve created and furthermore by upholding their legitimacy as an automobile champion by providing top class service to customers, the quality of which has only risen with time. The company has now carried that legacy forward with ease to India as well and has proven itself to be one of the top contenders in the market here and globally and continues to preserve its image as a benchmark manufacturer of all kinds of transport, one of the most commendable ones being the Ford Freestyle, which has been analysed in detail for the reader.

Most Capable SUV of India- Ford Freestyle

Engine and Performance:

The engine is available in a 1.2L petrol and 1.5L diesel with a 5-speed manual (only) transmission. The most interesting thing about the engine of this beast is the power output, with a max bhp of 98.63 and 94.68 in the diesel and petrol variants respectively, its believed to be one of the best performers for its price range. Surprisingly even after giving so much output it maintains a fine balance between it and the mileage numbers with an average range of 19 to 24.4 kmpl depending on the fuel variant, which is a plausible deciding factor for the average Indian. Such fine tuning makes this car multi-faceted in terms of not only driving smoothly and efficiently in well paved city roads but also to obliterate any obtrusive terrain without losing out on fuel efficiency.

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Engine and Performance


Many would try to draw direct parallels between the Freestyle and the Figo with respect to their designs and overall feel, but I’ll substantiate on how there are certain similarities but regardless this car creates a niche for itself in terms of its exclusive design.


Even thought the front and end portions may look similar to the Figo, one can quickly spot the difference between how the new headlights have been formulated. In addition to that, the mesh grille is completely different and gives a fresh vibe to the vehicle. The new imitative skid plates and plastic claddings on both sides and wheel arches tilt its essence towards an authentic SUV. Another addition it gets are the roof rails which are said to hold a decent amount of weight, making it an ideal mode of transport for travel and trips.


On the inside, the car is similar to the interior of EcoSport, with a dual tone black-brown dashboard made with premium quality plastic. Legroom is not an issue as the inside is spacious enough to accommodate at least 5 people with no shortage of stretching space. It’s also fitted with a touchscreen supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Safety is a primary concern and is shouldered by standard dual airbags to up to six airbags depending on the variant and Anti-lock Braking system.


The price ranges from 5 to 8.5 lac INR varying with fuel variant and model.


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