What Are The Main Features Of A VOIP Phone System


When you are trying to keep in touch with customers and clients in the UK and all over the world, you need to consider the costs of making telephone calls. These bills can start to mount up and they can have an impact on your business if you are not careful.

You need to think of an alternative to the traditional landline and mobile phone services that you might currently be using. More and more people are choosing to use VOIP phone systems. This allows you to bypass the traditional telephone companies because it relies on the internet in order to work.

What are the main features of a VOIP phone system and why is this important?

There Is An Online PBX User Portal

When you are making a telephone call using Birchills VOIP phone system, you do not have to rely on a physical handset for this to work. Instead, you can have a programme installed on your computer that is going to connect the call for you.

There are lots of different services that offer these online platforms. You will be able to call other computers directly if they have the same kind of software that is on your computer. You can also call landline and mobile devices for a small fee.

This means that you do not have to spend any money whatsoever on phone receivers and headsets, and you do not need to worry about this kind of software developing a malfunction. The VOIP software that you are using will regularly prompt you to install online updates which are designed to make the system much more efficient and you will always have the best version installed on your computer.

You will not have to worry about memorising or storing phone numbers because they will all be installed on the software. This means that your business will operate smoothly and you will make all of the calls that you need without having to look for numbers on pieces of paper or files that are stored inside your desk.

VOIP Is Able To Support Different Devices

When you have VOIP installed, you will be able to use a wide range of different devices. You might want to use mobile phones that can be carried around the office. Or you might want to use a landline device that it is your own personal office. The VOIP system can be linked to Bluetooth, which is useful when you are making a call as you are driving to a business meeting.

You Can Tailor A Custom Made Voice Message

When you have a VOIP system, you can customise it to include a personalised voice message. This can be useful when you are able to take a client call. The voice message can let the client know that you are going to call them back as soon as possible.

You Can Select Your Own Telephone Number

You do not have to change your number when you have this system installed.

Choose a VOIP system for your business.

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