What does CRM mean for small businesses


As customer satisfaction becomes one of the most important metrics, customer relationship management has become a prominent part of how today’s companies run their business. Consequently, companies are moving from simply managing customer facing operations to transforming all of their business processes with a customer-centric approach. That is why having an advanced CRM system in place became an essential aspect in building relations with clients. Sophisticated automation technology can actually simplify your daily routines by automating key business processes and create a synergy between the core teams at your company.

Regardless of the size and the scale of your business, whether it’s a small startup, e-commerce organization or a big enterprise, your employees will be able to take control of a complete customer journey – from lead generation to the ongoing account management. At the same time, the question remains – what does CRM mean for smaller businesses? Small companies, in particular, can benefit from implementing an online CRM solution as it aids them in processing large volumes of customer information without losing the quality of customer service or expanding the team. Let’s take closer look at the main benefits of online CRMs for small businesses:

Your data is well-organized and stored in one place

Contact management was probably a much simpler task back in the day as your customers were not as demanding as they are now. You could have had an Excel spreadsheet to store the basic contact information like customers’ names and telephone number and that was enough for both. However, such attitude cannot be applicable in today’s realities. In fact, such outdated approach can put your company at a disadvantage as the volumes of customer information have drastically increased and your team would have been lost in mixed-up spreadsheets, customer contacts and addresses, documents or the notes that were made on paper. Companies need to have a clear vision of who their customers are as well as track various important data like their geography, career history, noteworthy events or even additional information from social networks.

Ensure the success of your marketing campaigns

Let’s say you have an online store with a terrific website. Understandably, you want to get as much information on your potential buyers to market them the products and services in accordance with their needs and preferences. Website behavior tracking is a tool to accomplish this goal. From the initial visit to a website, your visitor’s browser is extracting information about pages they went to, how much time they spent there and so forth. This data is exceptionally useful and you cannot let it go to waste. If you want your CRM system to be capable of processing large volumes of information, it has to be equipped with tools for excellent website behavior tracking. The most efficient automation solutions will also provide you with data on lead generation sources and channels. That way, you will be able to focus on the most effective channels of communication. By giving enough engaging content to your prospects, they will eventually provide you their contact details for you to run personalized marketing campaigns offering the products they actually need when they need them the most.

Makes the most out of your pipeline

Turning early stage prospects into regular buyers has always been a tough task, however efficient CRMs, like https://www.bpmonline.com can enhance all of your business operations and manage the sales process on a whole new level of productivity. The software allows your sales reps to balance various tasks and responsibilities by automating the most exhausting and time-consuming processes. Advanced automation solution can improve your lead management and opportunity management activities. For example, once the leads are extracted from your marketing campaigns you can measure the sales readiness of your prospects and appoint the leads to the right salespeople. This way, your sales reps will be able to keep their focus on the most profitable customers by following clearly defined guidelines on each stage of the sales pipeline. In addition, you will be able to forecast future deals based on the history of previous interactions with the customer and keep tabs on the progress of your sales activities using cutting-edge analytics. Not to mention that you will be able to save heaps of time thanks to automated opportunity updates, contact tracking, document management and order processing.

CRM is a driving force of your business, that is why it is crucially important to find the one to match your business needs and objectives. Obviously, apart from unifying your marketing and sales activities on a single CRM platform, deploying an online CRM is extremely cost-effective, as cloud based CRM system does not need additional hardware or IT infrastructure. Additionally, online CRM system reduces initial outlays and Total Cost of Ownership. Overall, CRM solutions enable your company to enhance your business operations while constantly improving your productivity and, consequently, increasing profits.

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