Increase Spend: How to Improve the Customer’s Journey


The best type of customers are the “sticky’ ones. The term sticky, refers to a customer that has purchased the product or service, repeats the process, and recommends it to others. Sticky customers are the result of a smooth buying experience, along with great after-sales service. Of course, having a great product helps as well. Here are some tips on improving customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to an increase in sales.

Invest in the customer experience

The buying experience is the single most important process of any business, so a company should consider all aspects of the buying process. Today’s competitive world ensures that there are many companies offering similar products to our own,  so the buyer has more choice than ever before. There could be several reasons for declining salon bookings, perhaps the salon manager does not fully understand mobile online booking, and the website is not compatible with mobile devices, which results in less reservations.

Co-ordinate your marketing avenues

For a business to reap the full benefits of online booking, the website, social media platforms, phone, and SMS, should all be combined, as they all provide booking avenues for your customers. By talking to your clients, you can discover simple issues, such as customers being unaware that they can book online, and this can result in losing a lot of bookings. Here is an informative article on how to best retain your customer base.


Some experts say that creative marketing is the key to maximising customer spend, so creating a sense of urgency with a sale might be enough to encourage the consumer to buy. Adding small ticket items at a discounted price, tagged on to a larger purchase, can also increase customer spending.

Retail layout

With the correct layout of products, consumers will see all your wares, another tactic that stimulates impulse buying. Higher margin products should be kept at eye level, the optimum position, while promotional media should be in evidence, especially offering any discounts. Customer journey mapping is one way of analysing your client’s purchasing experience, which gives a business owner valuable insight into the buying behaviour of a consumer.

Bulk buying

As the development in technology allows us to store things longer, bulk buying has risen in popularity over the past decade. By encouraging consumers to stock up, before that annual price rise, or pointing out the seasonal difference in costs, many clients will see the sense in buying more than usual. Free delivery, or a free gift, can often mean the difference between a single or multiple purchase, and by crunching the numbers, one can usually offer something attractive.

Great service

Research tells us, again and again, that a positive buying experience comes from good service, so always impress upon your staff that the little things do matter, and you may find that sales take a turn for the better. Staff training in sales techniques and service can pay dividends, and all staff should have some basic knowledge of customer relations.

Improving the customer experience is the key to a successful business, and with the business software applications of today, one can ensure that the customer buying experience is rewarding.

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