The Importance of Building and Construction Projects


The global economic environment is volatile and this has an impact on our nation’s economy. Indeed, some industries and businesses are more susceptible than others to global economic slowdowns, and for this reason it is vital that every national economy keeps its wheels turning.

One area that is especially prone to global economic conditions is the building and construction industry. The prices of raw materials in one country can have a huge impact on building projects right on our doorstep. This is because the building and construction industry is heavily reliant on imported materials from overseas. This is also why during times of economic stress, our national government tends to stimulate nation-building projects.

Ensuring That Your Next Project Goes Smoothly

For anyone involved in the construction industry, ensuring that all contractors have access to the right tools and equipment is paramount. There are numerous laws that govern the operation of a site, and it is vital that everyone adhere to these laws, not only for legal reasons, but also for safety reasons.

It is very common for project managers to outsource their equipment hire to experienced third parties. This goes a long way towards ensuring that all rules and regulations are followed to the letter. Equipment hire may include everything from jackhammers to winches, and ensures that premium quality equipment is being used.

When Things Go Wrong

There are certainly horror stories about building projects that fall apart due to rules not being followed or sub-par tools and equipment being used. Most often, this is because there are inexperienced contractors involved, and also because stakeholders are trying desperately to save money and make a greater profit, especially when it comes to private partnerships.

Consider the humble winch, for example. This is a piece of equipment that is absolutely vital across a range of industries, including but not limited to shipping, building and construction, and marine and offshore drilling. In fact, wherever there is lifting and pulling of heavy objects to be done, a winch is required. Due to the nature of the risks involved, it is obviously important that the winch is suitable for the task, and that the winch operator is experienced. Just consider the following criteria to take into account when hiring a winch:

  • Weight: A winch is specifically designed to lift and pull weight. Thus, it is vital that the right winch is used for the task or project at hand. It must be rated to be able to handle the weight involved, and there should also be a sufficient margin of safety so as to minimise the risk of a disaster happening.
  • The ground: The surface conditions where the winch is to be used is important, as this will determine the risks involved. Is the ground solid? Is it soft and muddy? Knowing this information will determine what type of winch is required.

The risks for every project and job where a winch is required need to be taken into account seriously by the project manager and the equipment handlers involved.


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