RBL credit card application process simplified. Here’s all you need to know


A user generally uses a credit card as a payment card. It enables the cardholder to make purchases on credit. There is a pre-set credit limit which users can utilize to make purchases effortlessly.

To put it simply, through the credit card one can borrow a loan from a bank while purchasing a certain item. A credit card is issued depending on your financial ability. If the bank finds a certain person capable of redeeming the borrowed value, then only a credit card is issued to the person.

But applying and getting an approved credit card can be a real pain. For this reason, RBL has introduced a system where the customers can check their RBL credit card application status online. RBL Bank offers a number of credit cards which hosts amazing benefits for the customers. It has a wide range of credit cards. It offers low-interest rates on loans and credit cards, thus making them quite a competition in the credit market.

Depending on your lifestyle, the amount of credit you borrow differs. Depending on customer habits, RBL provides various credit cards like Shopping card, Cashback card, Travelcard, Rewards card, Lifetime free credit cards, Business card, Lifestyle card, Entertainment card etc.

Eligibility to apply for a RBL credit card:

  • Age criteria:

RBL bank sets an age limit for the customers applying for credit cards. Customers of age 21 to age 65 are eligible for credit cards. Add on, credit cards are provided to customers of age 18 or above.

  • Income criteria:

This is the highlighted criteria which must be fulfilled to be eligible for a credit card from RBL Bank. The cardholder must have a regular source of income to avail RBL Bank credit cards. The income value differs from various card specifications. You can apply for your credit card by showing your fixed deposit and minimum income as set by bank specifications for the card you chose. Income requirement varies for different cards depending upon the features and conditions of your chosen card. The customer is expected to provide a proof of his regular source of income to avail the credit card from RBL bank.

  • Credit history of the applicant:

The bank often asks for a credit history statement to get clear proof of how the customer manages his/her credits in the past. A good credit history without any signs of delay in payment of a debt can highly increase your chance to get a credit card.

  • Nationality:

Only Indian applicants or non-residential Indians are eligible for credit card applications.

RBL asks for the following documents compulsorily for credit card application:

  1. Address proof (passport, driving license, Voter ID etc)
  2. Identity proof (bank statement, voter ID, Driving license, Pension book etc)
  3. Income proof (Bank statement, Payslip, Income tax return)
  4. PAN Card
  5. Passport size photo.

There are some steps to follow if you are applying for RBL credit cards.

For new customers:

  • Visit the ‘credit cards’ web page of RBL Bank official website.
  • Enter your personal information and contact details.
  • After the procedures of verification, a representative from the bank will contact you and guide you through the entire process of issuing credit cards.
  • Submit your Know Your Customer (KYC) documents and income proof to avail an RBL Bank credit card.

Or just visit the nearest RBL Bank branch to apply for credit cards of your priority.

For existing customers:

  • Visit the web page ‘Credit Cards’ on the official RBL Bank website.
  • Enter your net banking customer ID along with your phone number.
  • Directly apply online for credit cards.

RBL credit cards offer amazing interest rates and free credit period up to 50 days. Getting a credit card can ease your lifestyle.

If you have already applied for an RBL credit card, then you can know how to check RBL credit card application status here.

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