Essential Services for the Construction Industry


Any builder, large or small, would have certain services they need to use on a regular basis, ranging from plant hire to security services, and without this essential outsourcing, the average builder would not be able to operate. Contracts come and go, and a builder might have 4 or 5 directly employed tradesmen, and any extra labour would be supplied by an agency, and with an ever changing work environment, the need for temporary labour is always present.


Modern business practices promote outsourcing as it is the most cost effective way to get the job done, and if a company had to directly employ all the different people, they would go out of business. Security is always an issue, and with building sites one of the most popular venues for robberies, one cannot leave them unguarded. If you have a few sites on the go and are based in Yorkshire, there are reputable security guard companies in Leeds who can provide round the clock manned security at affordable prices.

Night Protection

Every building site is a treasure trove for the burglar, and unlike domestic properties, the site will be unoccupied at night. This makes for an attractive environment from a thief’s perspective, as they have all the time in the world to gain access and take away the valuable materials and tools that every site contains. The only way to effectively secure the site is to have manned security, and with online suppliers who are registered with reputable bodies, you can tailor the service to suit. Some sites might require round the clock guards, with many loads coming in on a daily basis, while smaller sites would only need the guards during out of working hours.

Plant Hire

The extensive range of heavy machinery that a builder might require means forging an alliance with a local plant hire outfit, and with their expert help, the building schedules will not suffer delays and the workforce will never be held up waiting for heavy machinery. Timing is everything for a builder, and he might want an excavator at very short notice, and with experienced driver/operators, the work will be completed in the shortest time possible, keeping hire cost to a minimum.


Obviously, every building project requires manpower, and often the need for extra labour is temporary, which is why there are online suppliers of all trades, and this makes it possible for high volumes of work to be completed at short notice. This is ideal when a contract is behind schedule, as the builder can hire additional labour to speed up the process and get back on schedule.

There are other services a local builder might use, such as a builder’s merchant, where he can order all the materials and tools he needs, and they would be delivered to the site. With security and extra manpower covered, the builder can focus on completing the projects on time and to budget.

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