How to Make Your Brochure the Best Ever


When you are designing a company brochure the first thing you need to do is make sure you know why you are doing it. All too often, companies decide that a brochure is needed, but they are not entirely sure why. A brochure is created, but it doesn’t do much apart from lie untouched on exhibition stands, and sit in boxes cluttering up the storeroom. On the other hand, an effective and dynamic brochure with a purpose can really push marketing forward. Take a look at these considerations to discover what you can do to make an effective brochure and not simply an afterthought.

Pay Attention to the Images

Images are very important in a brochure. But you cannot simply fill a brochure with pictures and expect to make a positive impact. Images also take up space, you have to remember. So use the images that most positively contribute to the overall success of the brochure. Your customers will want to see how the product or the service affects them, and how it will help them live a better life or will help solve their problems. Also make sure that the images are high quality.

Use Your Brochure as a Sales Tool

Effective brochure printing is for sales, even when you do not explicitly put a catalogue of products in the brochure or tell people to buy something. It means that your brochure is a sales tool to show people what they get from you – don’t tell people about your products, sell them to them. Focus on the benefits your customers will get from using your service or your company.


Make Sure Your Headline is Effective

Right at the start, your audience will know what your brochure is about by reading the title. So the title or headline is vital. Your cover should be the most carefully designed aspect of the brochure. Pay attention to how graphics and text combine to create a positive impression that will encourage people to open the brochure and find out more.

Look at Readability

Once inside the brochure, your readers should be able to clearly focus on the message and it should not be tough for them to understand any aspect of the layout or the content.

Provide a Call to Action

Make sure that people know what they need to do next. Once you have given them the benefits and the reasons for going forward with your company, make it easy for them to take the next step. This is achieved with an effective call to action.

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