Car Sharing – A Great Alternative to Car Rentals


Renting a car has always been a tedious process, making contact with the rental company, then one has to visit their office, and if they have the vehicle you require, you might be able to drive it away. Another thing worth noting is that car rental companies have a limited choice of cars for hire, so one never really gets the ideal car. Technology has brought with it many changes, and the car rental business is no exception, with car sharing becoming more and more popular.

Car Sharing

Typically, there would be a company that acts as a platform for both car owners and hirers to interact, such as HiyaCar, who run a car sharing website that offers a service to both car owners and people who want to rent a vehicle. By registering as a hirer, whenever a person wants to rent a car, they simply login and browse the available vehicles in their area. The car owner who wishes to make a little extra money, can register for free, and make their car available during chosen periods. The process is simple, and the owner is paid directly into their bank account, which is convenient and reliable.

For the user

If you are the kind of person who sees the great expense involved in running a car as an unnecessary one, you will be happy to know that car sharing allows you to select a suitable vehicle that is in your immediate area. Once you have located the right car, simply make contact with the owner, arrange a time and place, and you can drive the car away. Both parties would have a quick visual inspection of the car before the keys are handed over and the hirer is on their way. More and more people are selling their car, as they hardly use it, and car sharing provides the ideal vehicle, whenever you need it.

Fully Insured

It is one of the requirements that the cars offered for rent are comprehensively insured, and this is beneficial to both the owner and the hirer, and with each hirer screened before being approved, the system is safe and efficient. The cars must be of a required standard, and well maintained, so the hirer can rest assured that the vehicle is in good condition.

Convenient Hiring

You might get short notice that you are taking 5 people to an exhibition the next day, and by searching for a people carrier, all the necessary arrangements can be made online, and you can collect the vehicle early in the morning, prepared for the group. You may want to meet your parents at the airport and take them on a drive down the coastal road, and with car sharing, you can find the ideal vehicle in minutes, even from your smartphone.

Win Win Situation

Car sharing really is good for all parties. The car owner receives an income, the hirer gets the ideal car, and everyone is happy, and with so many vehicles to choose from, more and more people are using the service.

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