The Car Accident Claims Process: What You Should Know


Road traffic accident claims are made in accordance to the type of accident, and such claims are made to protect pedestrians, auto drivers, cyclists, and bikers. Therefore, after an accident takes place, the claims can be filed for both personal and direct injuries. These injuries may include:

  • Airbag injury.
  • Seat belt injury.
  • Child restraints injury.

Why Road Accidents Happen

A road accident can happen due to various reasons. In order to prove your claim, you need to show that the other party was in the wrong. Most vehicular mishaps occur for the following reasons:

Negligence: For example, the other party may have been talking on his mobile, changing the radio station, eating or drinking, or using drugs whilst driving.

The Weather: Road accidents can also occur as the result of such perverse weather conditions, such as rainy weather, icy roadways, or snow.

Recklessness: Driving without showing concern for others on the roadway can also lead to accidents. Speeding is also termed as recklessness. Car accident claims by also include distractions inside or outside a vehicle.

Poor Roadways: Poor road maintenance can also cause accidents. Construction, potholes, and inadequate road signage are examples of poor road maintenance.

Auto Malfunction: If a car has a system failure, an auto accident can easily occur. Common equipment that may fail includes the tyres, brakes, or the steering wheel.

Even though a collision can cause quite a bit of confusion, you need to follow the steps below to make sure you have followed proper procedure:

  • Share information with the other party in the accident. You should include such details as your phone number, name, insurance information, and car registration number.
  • Take photos of the mishap and the accident scene.
  • Write down the model of the other party’s vehicle – its colour, year, and the damage suffered.
  • Take down any witness information.
  • Note the owner of the other car, in case they are not the actual driver.
  • Refrain from discussing the mishap with the other party – about who was wrong, etc.
  • Inform your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible.

When it comes to making an actual road traffic accident claim, make sure it is done right after the mishap. Seek medical assistance and obtain a diagnosis from the physician in order to substantiate your claim. This information is helpful for detailing your injury and the associated costs.

Seek Legal Representation When Making a Claim

In order to get through the claims process, seek legal representation. Because most people have auto insurance, the claim should not be too difficult to complete.

Claiming Compensation

In order to claim compensation, you need to show the other party’s negligence. In order to do so, you need hospital documentation. The paperwork will show your injuries and the costs that you have incurred. Any lost days from work should also be added as proof of lost income. Your claim will be unsuccessful unless you can present organised, factual documentation.

Compensation can vary, depending on the claim. Personal injury compensation can range anywhere from £1,000 to over £200,000, depending on the severity of the injuries. Whiplash compensation normally falls between £800 and £5,000 whilst claims for airbag injuries often begin at £2,500.


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