Understanding Employees Attitudes at Work

First let’s define what an attitude is; it references our beliefs, opinions and feelings towards certain aspects of our environment. In the workplace, we generally have two job attitudes that have the biggest insight on how we behave. These are job satisfaction and organizational commitment. As the name implies, job satisfaction constitutes the feelings people have towards their job. According to research this aspect is the most important to measure when you want to know what your employees feel about their job. Apparently all it takes for your workers to be satisfied at work is for it not to feel like a nightmare.

The other aspect, organizational commitment, occurs when there is some kind of emotional attachment towards the company they work for. Jack Rochel, the CEO and president of Epsilon Electronics Inc., tries to get his employees to be more attached and loyal. This reduces employee turnover, raises company moral and gets employees to work better together. The methods used are making sure each employee feels like a valued member of the organization and their work contributes a lot to the success of the company. Another strategy is to get employees to spend some time together in order to work better in teams. This even breaks down the silos within the company for better communication throughout departments.

Employees Attitudes at Work

A question Jack Rochel asks himself is what triggers positive work attitudes. The answer to this question is quite complicated since there are a lot of aspects that affect positive work attitudes. These can include how colleagues and management treat them and the relationship they have. Personality of employees has an effect on job satisfaction. For example, some people are generally more positive and happier than others, which will lead to them being more satisfied and committed to the organization.

Work-life balance affects positive work attitudes since more and more families are valuing time together. Jack Rochel gives his employees the chance to choose their own hours during the week since each employee is at different stages of life. For example, an employee who has children might want to come into work at 9:30 but another employee might want to start at 8 to finish earlier. But there are some days that the whole staff needs to come in at a specific time for a meeting.

It is not surprising that stress is another major component affecting an employee’s attitude at work. It is directly related to their satisfaction and commitment at work. But there is bad stress and good stress. Bad stress is things like role ambiguity, role conflict and organizational politics. Good stress is when there is time pressure and it is making you more motivated to finish your work on time.


Creative Translation And Why Your Business Needs It

Translation is becoming a massive industry and niche, as the world becomes more and more interconnected every day. Businesses need a helping hand reaching out to different areas of the globe. Translation is a skill and although it does on a basic level mean translating one language into another language, creativity often comes with that skill to create something much more specialised and relevant to the needs of the client.

Creative translation is where translators are looking to not only translate, but to find the right words for a given project or task.

So, What Exactly Creative Translation?

Whereas translation refers to words and phrases, which are carefully translated in order to retain their meaning as much as is possible, creative translation extends beyond that skill. Creative translation (or sometimes known as Transcreation) is flexible and very much relates to the project or target audience. So a creative translator might work on projects where marketing for a given area across the globe requires a headline that will grab the attention of locals. Purely literal translation will not work, but creative translation will ensure that the text is not only literally correct, but it is able to have the same effectiveness and meaning as the comparable headline in its original context.

The Challenges Of Creative Translation

Although there are many great translators out there who can easily translate even the most detailed text, there aren’t as many who are also good at creative translation. The language at hand is important, but so is the ability to have a greater understanding of the culture and the project, as well as the ability to be expressive and creative at the same time. A general translator may not have all of these skills, which is what makes creative translation so specialist.

The Benefits Of Creative Translation Services

If a product or marketing campaigns wording is already established in the UK and a business wants to extend it outside of the UK, with translation, the copy will be accurately translated and reproduced in the different target languages. With creative translation, the words are not only copied, but the meaning and expression is a high consideration to ensure the copy is as effective in its new target market as it is in its country of origin. The difference is: With “normal” translation if you have one product in the UK and want to sell it in France, you can hire a translator to translate the words, and then you can sell the product in France.

With creative translation, the words are not merely copied from your UK product to sell in France. A translation expert can be creative with the wording to ensure the expression and meaning make sense in France and will have the same successful impact as they do here. The benefits are quite clear – audiences are not only going to be able to read the message, but they will be impacted by it and notice it – this brings a much deeper understanding of your brand message and an increase in sales within your target area.

Invest In Creative Translation Today

Creative translation is the best way for your business to extend itself internationally. Your business may need these kinds of services if:

  • Standard translation has been unsuccessful
  • You need a full marketing and sales campaign translating, not just the words on a product
  • You really want to establish yourselves as market leaders in a specific area or country
  • You understand that your knowledge of marketing and sales in another market is minimal and you need expert advice and help

A creative translation service could be the difference between the success and failure within any given international market. If your business and company is willing to invest in these services to successfully expand across the globe – the possibilities are endless and the markets you could end up penetrating are literally unknown.

This article has been written and provided by Neil Gauld, the owner and director of Brightlines Translation, based in the UK and offering a wide range of services, including document, website, audio and video translation, for a wide range of companies across the globe.


The Importance of Protecting Sensitive Data

The world may be transitioning toward a paperless society, but we have a long way to go before we get there. Today, it is far more common to store data digitally as well as on paper. In other words, we live in a society of hybrid data. With that in mind, we need recordkeeping and record-disposal solutions that are able to operate on digital and paper-based platforms.

Dealing with Sensitive Data

When you are dealing with sensitive data, it is crucial that the information contained therein is treated with the proper level of care of and respect. That’s what makes it so important for organisations that deal with large volumes of records. For example, the the document scanning specialists at are able to assist on this front.

Companies like this can provide all of the following services:

  • Document scanning
  • Document storage
  • Secure document shredding

And other services are also available. It’s important to liaise with a well-recognised service provider who complies with all relevant laws and regulations. This ensures that the information contained in the documents that are being scanned, stored and destroyed is treated with the proper level of privacy.

Personal Privacy is More Important than Ever

Today, it is more important than ever before that organisations demonstrate a high level of respect for the privacy of their clients, customers and employees. This means that sensitive documents need to be handled in such a way that prying eyes will not have access to the data found therein.

Being careful with sensitive data affects everything from how the documents are handled in house to the way in which they are transported between sites. A qualified handler of sensitive materials will have a host of protocols in place to ensure that data leaks do not occur.

Going the extra mile to respect the privacy of your customers and their data is only going to bode well for your overarching business model. Today, we’re seeing an increasing number of cases in which the sanctity of personal data is being called into question. Most recently, the very public battle between Apple and the FBI in the US is illustrative of this point.

In the aforementioned case, the FBI would like Apple to create a back door into its iPhones so that federal investigators can access the data encrypted on a phone. Needless to say, everyone seems to have an opinion on this subject – and there is no shortage of people who believe that such liberties should not be taken with their data.

Position Your Company for Future Success

Along those lines, it is more important than ever that your company re-examine its position on personal privacy. Call in a team of experts to audit your systems and see if there is any way that you can more effectively guard the privacy of the data that is in your company’s possession. In the process, you will be giving your potential clients and customers a reason to place even more faith in your organisation over the long run.


Getting Help Finding Out Who to Call

It is generally said that public has a very short memory. With regards to consumer durables, this effectively translates into the tendency of the consumer to forget about the quality of the product the moment its use is over. Later when the need for the same product arises, the consumer goes to the markets and buys whatever is available. This might or might not translate into the quality product that was previously utilised.

Hence to make customers come back again and again for a product, two things are mandatorily required. They are:

  • The product should be of an impressive quality and
  • The after-sales service should be excellent.

What is after sales service?

Before the product is sold, the service provided to ensure that the enquiry gets converted into a sale id called the pre-sales service. It is generally done very nicely and with a lot of patience. But after the sale too the customer needs to get service from either the manufacturer or seller. This is called after sales service and can be done in a number of ways like:

  • Having a dedicated customer service number dedicated for problems faced by customers.
  • Having a follow up team regularly visit the customer.
  • Surveys should be regularly conducted to access the mood of the customer with regards to the product sold, etc.

Of all the methods of providing after-sales service, the use of a dedicated toll-free number manned by a company representative is the most effective especially when

  • Warranty is to be provided by the manufacturer,
  • A service complaint needs to be logged in,
  • Any changes made to an existing system need to be documented etc.

The list enumerating the ways in which a customer service can be used is endless. This number ultimately becomes a one point contact between the manufacturer and the consumer. For the consumer too this toll free number is of great relevance for it is the one place he can get any and all sort of help required regarding a particular product.

How to have an effective customer care number

The technology used to facilitate this customer care number service is VOIP or voice over internet protocol. This is a type of phone system which is flexible enough to enable routing of all calls over the internet. It is thus a great tool to provide customer service in the following ways:

  • 24/7 service: The ability to provide customer care services 24hours a day 7days a week is of great help for customers who need to be able to call for customer at their convenient time.
  • Low-cost call-backs: Being able to call back customers makes for great public relations and with VoIP, these call-backs can be done at a very cheap rate.
  • Providing a local number: Today with customer located all across the globe, it is very important to have a local customer service number. VoIP makes this possible thereby also making it cheaper for the customer to call up.
  • No unanswered calls: VoIP makes it easier to re-route calls to other agents if the telephone line of one customer service agent is busy. This ensures that no calls made by the customer go unanswered.

The bottom line is that if the customer is happy, it translates into productive business thereby increasing the volume of the business and indirectly helping them attain lucrative profits.


Enjoy better asset management services in Florida when you hire Retail Solutions Advisors

The company you’ve come to know and trust with all your commercial property needs also has a division that can help you with your investments and asset management. Retail Solutions Advisors has a team that is devoted to making your return on investment grow and reach the goals you’ve set for yourself and your business.

Looking at the three most critical elements of asset management which are diversity, capital preservation, and risk avoidance, you have to know that Retail Solutions Advisors has each of these elements under consideration with each client’s portfolio they manage. There is much at stake for clients who trust them with their investment portfolios – it is life savings and retirement and a big portion of their wealth rolled into one complete bundle.

Retail Solutions Advisors is up to the task though. They will sit down with you and determine exactly what you want to do with the investment funds you have now and going into the future. There are goals you want to reach and milestones you need to keep to as you lead into retirement years. While you might be kind of wild and crazy with your investments when you’re in your younger years – twenties and thirties – but as you grow into your forties and fifties, you want to get a little more conservative and preserve the majority so that no one thing can topple the whole structure.

Retail Solutions Advisors has experts who can help you build a roadmap that takes you were you want to go with your investments. Getting diversified and making sure you have a good mix of investment instruments in your accounts is of prime importance. Once you have that portion of the equation nailed down, you want to make sure that you have the capital of your investments protected in such a way that it isn’t going anywhere – ever – until you want to do something with it.

Avoiding risk is the third measure that the expert team at Retail Solutions Advisors is working on with asset management on your accounts. They want to minimize how much risk you are subject to with the investment strategies that are used to grow your bottom line. Essentially, the team at Retail Solutions Advisors treat your portfolio like they do their own investments. They aren’t going to get in a losing position, so they aren’t going to let your accounts get that way either.

They have to be very aware of what they are doing with your investment as they are for their own. Using their combined 100 years of experience and knowledge to make the predictions and decisions that make you money, you can be sure that they are very dedicated to your success as an investor with their firm. You don’t take this responsibility lightly and neither do they. It is an awesome responsibility that they are grateful to have and to provide for you and each of their customers for asset management. Give them a call about what your investment goals are and see what they can do for you.

Retail Solutions Advisors provides a wide range of commercial real estate services. Enjoy better asset management services and so much more.


Reinvigorate Your Business with an Advisory Board

Most small and medium sized business owners do not consider advisory boards until you’ve found yourself hitting a wall of sorts. Things have been going along just great for your business and then suddenly you’ve stopped growing at a rate you’re comfortable with. You may even feel as though you’re losing ground. You’re confident it’s not a problem with the product or service you provide, but you can’t seem to get the foothold you want for renewed internal excitement and growth. In these situations, an advisory board might be the perfect solution. These are just a few of the ways an advisory board can breathe new life into your business.

Allows You to Benefit from Expertise of Business Leaders

Advisory boards give you an opportunity to pick the brains of business leaders in your community. You gain the benefit of insights from leaders in various industries you’ve selected for your advisory panel without paying the prices of hiring them to come and work for your business. This is especially important when you have a specific problem you need solved, but can be equally important when you’re trying to generate new passion in your employees to jump start your business going forward.

Expands Your Understanding of the Business Side of Things

It is very likely that you know your business very well. You’ve taken it from a simple idea and worked very hard to create a business that has enjoyed great success – even if you’re not currently as successful as you’d like to be. While you know your business well, your advisory panel needs to be made up of people who understand business in general. People like Noel Biderman who has 20 years of experience in leadership roles in business in different industries are great choices for your advisory panel. Look for diversity in industry and business styles in order to get a greater impact from the advisory board and keep it small with six to eight people serving on the panel so that you’re not overwhelmed with the different responses and approaches.

Gives You an Opportunity to Draw from a really Deep Well of Knowledge

Creating an advisory panel gives you access to men and women who are true leaders in their respective fields and industries. They have the nicks and scars that come from climbing to the tops of their industries and you get the benefit of that knowledge without developing the same scars yourself. How does that help you reinvigorate your business? Because they’ve all hit similar walls in their own businesses and they can help you see what it took for them to power through.

Opens Your Mind to Growth Opportunities

When you run your own business it can be hard to see it objectively. It can be harder still to recognise room for growth and opportunity. Bringing objective observes into your business from the outside allows you to view your business through their eyes. Not only are they more objective, but they also haven’t been desensitised to issues that have been around so long you don’t really even notice they exist. It’s sort of like diving into a cold pool. When they dive in they feel the shock of the cold right away where you no longer feel all that cold because you’ve been swimming in the pool for so long. Your panel can point out the things you haven’t been seeing so that you can kick start your growth once again.

Don’t think your business is performing up to expectations? Consider an advisory board to help you get to the bottom of things. You’re sure to be amazed by the insight and advice they have to offer.


Things to consider when selecting security guarding companies

Crimes have become a major concern these days, increasing the demand for security services. As people are becoming more aware about the safety of their loved ones, they look for reliable security guarding companies which can provide credible and efficient services. Knowledge about various companies and the kind of services they provide can help you decide the best security services for you. Mentioned below are some essential things to consider for finding professional services for safeguarding your family and property.

Before beginning your search, it is suggested to determine a few crucial factors, such as the type of security service you need, your budget and any other specific requirements. Being aware of all such details beforehand can make your search faster and more streamlined.

Seeking references from friends and family is a good way to begin your search for a good security guarding company. People who are already making use of such services can share their experiences and help you decide which companies are better than others, when it comes to delivering reliable security solutions.

The next step is getting in touch with security companies and finding out more about their skills and specialisation. Some companies provide only a particular type of service, such as for homes, offices, personal, vehicles etc, while others are capable of delivering services as per your requirement. So, the companies you shortlist should have the resources and knowledge to provide required security service.

Another crucial thing to ask is regarding the training they provide to their employees. In order to get certified, security service providers are required to undergo professional training. This ensures that the well trained security personnel you are planning to hire are efficient in their job.

Similarly, you should also check the licenses held by the company, to ensure you are dealing with reliable professionals. In many states security companies need a license in order to provide their services. Being licensed also means that the security personnel adhere to strict work guidelines and give utmost importance to the needs of their clients.

Experience equals to credibility, especially when looking for security services. Asking the company about its experience, as well as getting in touch with their previous clients can help to know a lot about the level of service it offers. A company which offers satisfactory and client oriented services is sure to receive more positive reviews from its clients.

Once you have found a good security company which assures credible and professional service, ask them for a copy of the contract. The same should be thoroughly read and understood by you before signing. In case any terms or conditions are not clear to you, then ask the company representative for clarification and only go ahead if you find the contract satisfactory.

If personal, home or business security is a primary concern for you, then specialised services can be hired which are specifically aimed at assuring the safety and convenience of their clients. Make sure to select the best among several security guarding companies for reliable services and complete peace of mind.


Get control over your finances by hiring a chartered accountant

Managing wealth is just as important as accumulating it. In order to best protect and enhance the assets you’ve acquired it is a good idea to put together a sound portfolio. However, you can only do this by working with Calgary chartered accountant. Working with such a professional can help you better understand what options you have for managing your money.

We live in a time of great uncertainty. However, it does not follow that we have no means of rationally organizing our lives and resources. A chartered accountant can help those of you who have accumulated or inherited a great amount of wealth and seek to expand and preserve it. Such professionals can also help you if you are saving for retirement—helping to conduct retirement planning and other types of personal financial management for ordinary people.

At no time has financial planning ever been more important as it is today. Increasingly, individuals have to rely on their own resources in their retirement planning. The days of life-time employment with a generous pension are long gone. In order to retire comfortably and peacefully individuals have to set their own course and take advantage of what money markets offer.

Calgary Chartered Accountants can be of tremendous help in this endeavor. We bring professionalism and expertise to bear on your financial interests, and we help you understand the many options you have for managing your financial resources. Financial planning is about more than just the numbers; it is about your life and the way you want it to be. A Calgary chartered accountant is interested in the kind of future you want to create for you and your family. Such ideas will be the most important elements in planning your financial future.

If you are trying to figure out the best way of managing your wealth, an accountant can help you as well. A chartered accountant’s in-depth knowledge of how to increase the yield of your money can help you productively expand your wealth. Now, some persons may think this kind of work can be done through trial and error or their own research on the Internet. However, this can be risky, as the financial schemes you may find on your own may not produce the promised rewards. The insider knowledge of professional accountants gives you a much better chance of realizing your financial goals. Sitting down with a certified accountant, you can methodically explore and examine the routes that are most likely to deliver increased prosperity.

Calgary chartered accountants have earned the trust and confidence of many individuals over the years. We pride ourselves on helping clients journey toward their financial goals in order to meet their life goals.

Fortunately, finding such professionals is not that difficult. The place to begin your search is the worldwide web, of course. Visiting a chartered accountant site will allow you to review the services offered and compare them with each other. Look for the one has a proven record of delivering high customer satisfaction and that you are confident can meet your needs.

Improving your strategic position starts with knowing your finances. Calgary Chartered Accountants can provide you with the knowledge and professional insight that you need.


Might RL360° PIMS be the ideal investment solution for you?

If you’re looking for an investment solution that’s simple, flexible and tax efficient, the Personal Investment Management Service (PIMS) from RL360° may be ideal. Designed to offer impressive freedom of choice and ease of use, this is a highly attractive product. To help you decide if this is the right solution for you, take a look at this brief guide.

The basics

An offshore bond that enables you to build up a tailored investment portfolio, PIMS is available to individuals, trustees and companies. You can invest from GBP50,000, and this figure can always be added to at a later stage. The policy can be issued on either a capital redemption or a life assurance basis and it enables you to take your pick from a wide range of carefully chosen investment funds. Perfect for high net worth investors who want portfolios that can react quickly and effectively to evolving conditions in the market, as well as to their own locations and lifestyles, it is easy to manage and caters to virtually any attitude to risk. It can also slip into a trust and it is compatible with the majority of pension schemes. In addition, PIMS allows you to appoint an investment adviser or discretionary fund manager.

A simple investment solution

One of the major attractions of this product is the fact that it is straightforward to manage. As a PIMS investor, you won’t have to deal with the burdens often associated with having a directly held portfolio. Regardless of how many different investments you have in your PIMS, you will get a consolidated valuation statement each 6 months. If you set up access to RL360°’s online service, you will also be able to view your policy value and other details whenever you want simply by logging in. This makes monitoring your money simple and quick, no matter where you are at the time. You will also have a cash account. This is where withdrawals and fees are taken from and it is the account into which the cash proceeds of investment sales are paid.

The chance to tailor your portfolio

There are 2 versions of this product to choose from. You can either go for PIMS Focused, which gives you access to a defined list of more than 1,000 investment funds, or you can opt for PIMS Flexible. The latter product offers a completely open architecture, allowing you to access funds in the Focussed range as well as any other investments that are acceptable to RL360°. Bear in mind that if you start off with Focussed and later decide you want to have access to greater range of investments, you can simply convert your policy to a Flexible one for a one-off fee. Regardless of the type of policy you select, you will be in control of the level of risk and the possible returns you can expect from this product.

To help you decide if PIMS is the right investment choice for you, you can check out RL360° reviews online and visit the company’s website to get further details about the product.

Established in 2008, Royal London 360° changed its name to RL360° following a management-led buyout in 2013. In May 2015, it was announced that RL360° was acquiring CMI Insurance Company from Lloyds Banking Group. The acquisition was completed on 1 December 2015.


Easiest Ways to Protect Merchandise at Your Business

The self-service retail format is superior to the one where the customer is kept on the other side of the counter. When buyers are surrounded by products that they are free to touch and hold, they are likelier to buy. Allowing shoppers close to the merchandise can also result in losses to the retailer, though.

It’s not just about shoplifting

Not all merchandise lost at self-service retail stores is lost to theft. Out-of-control shopper behavior can result in losses too. Books get ripped and soiled, clothes get stretched out, cans and boxes get dinged and toys get broken. Some customers will be honest about what they’ve done and pay, others will not. Theft by employees is serious source of losses too, but this doesn’t often happen right on the shop floor. Workers could have access to storage areas.

Shoplifting is a whole other ballgame, and results in billions in losses across the retail industry. A retailer that succeeds in shutting down shoplifting altogether can expect a 5% improvement to its profits at the minimum.

Securing your retail business

In spite of the thousands that retailers suffer in lost merchandise, few do much to help themselves. While it might surprise most to hear it, a significant number of retailers have little security in the form of CCTV monitoring, RFID tags or in-store detectives. If your business does not take advantage of these technologies, you may feel that you’re in good company.

Commercial security systems

Investing these technologies, though, is hardly expensive. Most businesses on average will need to invest in them no more than a month’s worth of losses to shoplifters. Commercial security systems are not very expensive.

There’s a lot of work to do before you invest in technology

Stores can prevent theft simply by the use of clever layouts. Designing wide aisles, eliminating blind spots and asking salespersons to knowledge each customer who walks in, can all help. Many stores have achieved great results simply through prominent placement of antitheft signage, and the use of decoy cameras. Excellent lighting can help as well, as can cashiers who are trained to look out for tricks like tag switching. A floor detective can be a tremendous asset.

It takes nothing more than discreet, unobtrusive action to clamp down on shoplifting. If you’re successful, it can help your business in two ways. To begin, when there is less lost to theft, you will be able to lower your prices. With lowered prices, you will see sales rise.