How to Make Field Sales More Effective


Every company want its salespeople to be more successful – as this equates to more success for the business overall. So what can you do to better support your sales people so that they are able to close more sales?

There are certain strategies that you can use for sales success which will allow your team to be much more effective. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that you can help your field sales team to perform at the best of their ability and close as many sales as possible.

Understanding What the Buyer Wants

Do you know who your buyer is and what is going through their mind when they are thinking about purchasing your product? When you know who your buyer is and what they want, you will be much better able to streamline sales techniques and increase effectiveness. Think about what type of person is buying your product or service and what benefit they get from it. Tailor the sales techniques of your representatives with the audience in mind, so that you can meet their unique needs. Do some research into your audience and present the findings to your field sales team, so that they can be more informed and better understand what your buyers are looking for.

Let Your Sales People Be Themselves

One of the common complaints of talented sales people is that they are forced to stick to a “script” which encourages them to follow a blueprint and close the sale in a particular style. While this style might work for some sales people, others might find it stilted and unnatural. Customers can tell when a sales person is reciting from a script and it’s a turn-off for them. Instead, let your sales people be themselves and sell things in a way that feels natural to them. They will enjoy their job more and they will likely be more successful.

Improve Sales Subject Matter Expertise

Salespeople need to be experts on the product and the subject matter around it. When they are selling the product they need to be able to inform the customer about it and understand the issues that the buyer is facing. They need to know a lot about the product or service so that they can answer any questions that the buyer might have. This is why sales subject matter expertise is very important. You can encourage this in your sales team by providing training, learning materials, reading materials and any type of furthering education.

Work On Social Media Engagement

Field sales is expanding and doesn’t just include face to face meetings anymore, but also social media engagement. Sales people need to start focusing on their participation on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as a part of their sales skills. This is more than just sending out some tweets about the product, it’s about engaging with your buyers and starting a conversation on social media. Make sure that your field sales team has had social media training and that they are familiar with how to use social media effectively to achieve this type of engagement.

Arm Your Sales Team with the Right Tools

You can help your sales team a great deal if you equip them with the right tools that they need to do their job. Supply them with a phone, laptop or tablet that allows them to have instant access to the latest product specs and contracts from any device. When they need to draw up a contract to close a deal, make sure that they can do that quickly and easily without having to jump across multiple devices or apps. For example, use an app that allows sales orders and contracts to be signed electronically so that they can get a digital signature on an iPad right there in the field.

These are just a few of the ways that you can empower your field sales team to be more effective. With the right skills, techniques and technology they will be able to achieve more sales and improve the success of your company. When you have a great sales team behind you, such as Tactical Solutions, the sky is the limit and there are no bounds to what your company can achieve.

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