Professor John Song Potomac Explains the most Effective Direct Marketing Tactic


Professor John Song Potomac explains to his students how you can market your company more with different marketing tactics. There are many marketing tactics nowadays such as email marketing, direct mail and telemarketing. Now that the Internet has grown so much, there has been new marketing tactics introduced such as social media marketing. Advertisements have become our second nature and are found in just about any location including public restrooms, billboards, TV, and any public place you visit. John Song Potomac explains to his students the best approaches to take when it comes to marketing your company or product to certain segment such as consumers, distributors and businesses.

Marketing to Consumers

Marketing to Consumers seems to be the easiest type of marketing but that isn’t true. Although adults spend on average 30 hours a week watching TV and engaging in the media, there are so many different advertisements surrounding them that you need to stand out as a company. TV advertisements can be more effective for consumers but can still be hard to get their attention due to most individuals being on their mobile devices or computers during a commercial. With social media advertising, the company marketing to the consumer segment according to John Song Potomac will make their lives much easier and this will be more cost efficient to the company.

Marketing to Distributors

Marketing to distributors according to John Song Potomac is very different from consumers and businesses due to the sole reason that they are the ones who distribute your company’s products. A way to market to them is by offering bulk discounts. For example, if you as the company sell this many products, then we get an offer from the distributors who distribute the companies products. Since distributors are busy companies, sending emails frequently can annoy them therefore forcing them to unsubscribe therefore telemarketing can be more effective by suggesting bulk discount offers.

Marketing to Businesses

Marketing to Businesses

When it comes to marketing to other businesses, the most effective way would be with email marketing. As a business, normally you have a social media marketer allocated to just finding promotional offers for the products they use/need and promoting themselves online in general. There is no reason why a business would unsubscribe to an email sent by a company they have once purchased from because if the product was of quality and useful to them, they would definitely be able to purchase something fast with an email sent to them. You are one click away from making an action when it comes to email marketing. The business can click and it’ll redirect them to your site or purchase a new product via the email. This is why professor John Song Potomac suggests email marketing.

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