Ways to Save Money on Startup Business Costs


Starting a brand new business from the ground up can be intimidating, especially when it comes to getting the funding together to pay off all of those initial expenses. But there are several ways that you could save money on those startup costs, and a few of them are listed below.

Purchased Used Office Furniture

You will need to set up an office from which you can work, and all of that office furniture could definitely be pricey. Add in the cost of office technology and equipment and various other necessary supplies, and you might very well be in over your head in no time. Thankfully, though, you could purchase great quality used office furniture from people within your own community. Use a tool like Zoom the List to search through Craigslist listings with surprising speed and ease. Then connect with local sellers who have attractive used furniture that you could incorporate into your space at a really low price.

Use Eco-Friendly Equipment

Whenever possible, invest in energy efficient office equipment, from printers and TVs to scanners, your microwave, and more. These could really help you save money both in the short term and in the long run because they will use up less energy. And with lower overhead costs right from the start, you will have even more money left over to invest in your new venture. Other ways to go green include using both sides of printer paper and using XL ink cartridges that are able to hold more ink, so they last longer.

Go Paperless

Another way to save money while your business is getting off the ground is by doing as much as you can in a paperless manner. Submit your invoices to clients via email rather than by postal mail, only print documents that you absolutely need to print out, and pay your bills online. The less paper, ink, and postage that you need to spend money on, the better. Plus, these are also eco-friendly steps that you can take to establish a green business.

Barter with Local Businesses

There are probably quite a few small businesses in your area that have products and services that you need for your startup. And you may be able to offer something that they could use as well. So why not do an even trade of products and/or services, rather than exchanging money between each other? You could help support fellow small businesses in your community and you could save money at the same time.

Outsource and Hire from Remote

Finally, consider outsourcing tasks to pros whenever possible, and also consider hiring people to work for you remotely. You could maintain a much smaller office space with a smaller staff, and you could save money because you won’t need to pay as many full-time salaries right away.

Try incorporating the money-saving tips above when you are working on getting your business off the ground. You may be surprised by how easy it really is to save money while still getting everything that you need to get your business up and running.

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